Back to the Medieval Green World

“Without reliable electricity and diesel-powered farm machinery and transport trucks, cities are un-sustainable. In Green-topia 90% of us people will need to go.”
– Viv Forbes

Back to the Medieval Green World

Viv Forbes

Greens dream of a zero-emissions world without coal, oil and natural gas. They need to think what they wish for.

First there would be no mass production of steel without coke from coking coal to remove oxygen from iron ore. People could cut trees in forests for charcoal to produce pig iron and crude steels, but forests would soon be exhausted. Coal saved the forests from this fate.

We could produce gold and silver without using mineral hydro-carbons and with ingenuity we could probably produce unrefined copper, lead and tin and alloys like brass and bronze. But making large quantities of nuclear fuels, cement, aluminium, refined metals, plastics, nylons, synthetics, petro-chemicals and poly pipes would be impossible.

Making wind turbines and solar panels would also be impossible without fossil fuels. A wind turbine needs lots of steel plus concrete, carbon fibre and glass polymers as well as many other refined metals – copper, aluminium, rare earths, zinc and molybdenum. Solar panels and batteries need high-purity ingredients – silicon, lead, lithium, nickel, cadmium, zinc, silver, manganese and graphite – all hard to make in backyard charcoal-fired furnaces. Transporting, erecting and maintaining wind and solar farms plus their roads and transmission lines needs many pieces of diesel-powered machinery.

Every machine on earth needs hydro-carbons for engine oil, gear oil, transmission oil, brake fluid, hydraulic oil and grease. We could of course use oils from, seals, beeswax and whales for lubrication – the discovery of petroleum saved the whales from this fate.

Roads would be a challenge without oil-based bitumen. The Romans made pretty good roads out of cobble-stones (this would ease unemployment). But hard labour would not sit well with aging baby-boomers or electronic-era Millenniums.Cars, railways, motor launches, aeroplanes, I-Phones, TV and cat-scans would be out. Horses, oxen, sulkies, wooden rowing boats, sailing ships, herbal medicine and semaphore would have a huge revival. Some wood-burning steam tractors may still work and wood-gas generators may replace petrol in some old cars.

This is the return to the “zero-emissions” world that Green extremists have planned for us.

But modern life cannot not be supported by a pre-coal/oil economy. Without reliable electricity and diesel-powered farm machinery and transport trucks, cities are un-sustainable. In Green-topia 90% of us people will need to go.

But Greens should not expect us to go quietly.

20 thoughts on “Back to the Medieval Green World”

  1. screw those maniacs and Satanists! They want to throw us back to the middle ages on horse and wagon or the old Indians that lived here in 1500, roasting turtles by the fire.
    Go Donald Trump 2020!

  2. Then what’s next in WA state? After outlawing electricity and automobiles, they’ll put a gas monitor in your bathroom to see how much gas you’re emitting when taking a sh..t????

    • They will probably think to surgically attach a gas meter to your anus or subject you to monthly weigh in’s and assess a carbon tax based on your body mass. Outrageous to be sure but we are not dealing with sane or moral people in and behind government.

  3. Then they’ll go further and outlaw chicken, steak, beef or any kind of meats because they’ll accuse us of killing animals! So now you can’t eat meat anymore nor drive your car or use electricity because you’re destroying the planet, of course……..

  4. When the Liberals rule, the thought police will roam the countryside. We’ll remember the good old days—as we slowly starve—when all we worried about was politically correct speech and abortion—and, of course, whether Trump correctly wiped his bottom this morning!

  5. I see that a greens candidate won a seat in Melbourne Electorate, in Australian May 2019 election.
    Are they going to use green power only.
    Or are they going to complain when the wind does not blow or the sun does not shine, and then be supplied from the dirty coal fired stations.
    Well Scomo, you had better make sure that a bill is passed in parliament that they did not support you, give them exactly what they want, green power only.

  6. It is rather strange to say the least that no mainstream journalist ever wrote down what is needed to produce batteries and so on. People are forced to believe in the green-ideology which is seemingly a substitute for communisme/socialisme. Knowing what and how things are produced makes it less possible that the weirdness of the mind will take over control of politics. Unfortunately, it has taken over for a large part the politics of european oriented western-countries.

  7. the oft stated goal is to drop the pop globally to a minute fraction of the present total. just read the old Ehrlich agitprop or the newer version on the georgia guidestones
    thing is outright numbskull with NO IDEA, like the daft extinction rebellion lunatics dont even realise what theyr lobbying for means THEIR extinction is required by what theyre so happy to yell for everyone else they see as not being in their camp///they didnt read the fine print;-)) but the virtue signal and think they…are the special ones to be chosen to hang around. with little experience or skill to make their own existence of any use or value to a community?, I doubt that! roflmao!

  8. The last sentence is telling. Just how far back in time will they push us before we wipe them out?

  9. “In Green-topia 90% of us people will need to go.”

    That’s the general idea. See Georgia Guidestones.
    Been there, seen that.

  10. This should make the unnatural Greenie vandals head explode!

    Strange how deserts form in marginal areas. This guy – Allan Savory – shows that grazing animals far from being a problem in these locations, are essential and practical method of keeping the desert in check, or even making them recede.

    So grazing animals on scrub lands keep the deserts in check, ensure that the local carbon cycle works correctly, and helps to keep the local weather more stable.
    Funny how the herders and pastoralist have naturally worked this mode of living for many thousands of years, and only now (maybe) are we starting to understood and appreciated it.

    Begone with your vegetarianism, humans are, and always have been omnivores — meat and plant eaters (and I contend it should be in that order).

  11. Quote:
    Horses, oxen, sulkies, wooden rowing boats, sailing ships, herbal medicine and semaphore would have a huge revival. Some wood-burning steam tractors may still work and wood-gas generators may replace petrol in some old cars.
    At least 1 third of all arable land would be required to grow the food. Herbivores would need to grow and prosper into animals able to produce 1 Horsepower of effort. In addition animal husbandry would require significant numbers of humans to manage the stock. How would you pay for those people to work on the land in non-food productive work e.g. a living wage of $10 per hrs, 40 hrs a week, holidays and sick pay, health insurance, or are the Greens suggesting a slave gulag workforce.
    Given the requirement not to use Hi-tech enclosing systems such as barbed wire, hedges would need to be planted to enclose stock areas, losing a further 10% of arable land space.
    The Human population would have to significantly reduce in numbers to match the available food production, or be culled via famine, disease, or war.

  12. Reducing the global population is the primary goal. Starvation is the best route to mass murder, the dying tend to the dead. Drive up energy (food) prices, deny potentially life changing GMO’s and waste trillions preparing for distant imaginary (beneficial ) warming and not preparing for the coming deadly cold. Population management at its finest.

  13. Anyone who is against coal and oil should IMMEDIATELY remove themselves from the grid, walk everywhere, etc.

    Come on, you greenie weenies, you go first.

  14. Well, the vegetarian thing didn’t go over well — someone did the math and found switching everyone to a veg diet would require 6 billion people to go away — so now they’re trying to achieve the same population drop via ‘green energy’.

    The whole econazi/animal-rights/save-the-earth axis doesn’t love the earth; they hate people.

  15. Greenies put the world in danger with their dooming mind. Green energy put us back in the middle age but that is what socialism wants to us. The USA and Australia waked up during the people of the EU are still sleeping.

  16. Green dreams are not only dangerous but evil to its core understanding. There is enough technology that is being withheld from us (90%) that is what Greens want to get rid of. The hidden technology would make up any deficiency of food, power, water, medicines, and construction and many of the other things needed in our everyday lives. A few of them would be helium three reactors in which the fuel will be mined on the moon. We are using only 50% of our arable land and much more can also be reclaimed with technology. Water technology is already here and much of the needed water can be produced without burning fossil fuels. Earth has 18 trillion barrels of crude oil, enough for a thousand years. Oil and methane is produced near the outer core of our earth as it is on Titan (a moon of Saturn). Titan has 10 times the hydrocarbons earth has and they don’t have trees do they. There is much more crude oil than the Greens want us to know about. And last we need to add carbon to our atmosphere if we do that plant life will grow much fast than it does now. That would enable us to grow much more food on a smaller footprint.

  17. I believe there is a real threat of a nuclear EMP or an actual shutting off of the US power grid to eliminate this 90% of the population they deem unsustainable. They are working on many depopulation strategies right now; weaponized Ebola, swine flu, ‘inoculations’ to sterilize women, destroying the family unit, ‘diversification’ propagandizing the population to believe in man caused global warming (make them feel guilty about being alive), etc.

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