Bali eruption could cool the globe

Bali eruption could cool the globe

Signs are now pointing to an imminent eruption of Bali’s Mount Agung.

Whether it’s hours away, or weeks, when that eruption finally comes it could trigger a cooling effect on the Earth.

Scientists expect such a cooling because it has happened before – and not all that long ago.

When Mount Agung last erupted in 1963, it spewed vast amounts of ash and sulphur dioxide into the atmosphere.

The sulphur dioxide then reacted with water vapor in the air to form a haze of sulphuric acid.

That haze lead to a drop in global atmospheric temperatures of 0.1-0.4 degrees Celsius, according to Richard Arculus, an Emeritus Professor in geology at the Australian National University.

That may not sound like much, but when you consider that global temperatures were only 5C cooler than now during the last ice age, you can understand the significance of such a decline.

Now imagine what would happen to global temperatures if several large volcanoes should begin erupting all at once.

Thanks to David Newton in Melbourne, Australia, for this info.



17 thoughts on “Bali eruption could cool the globe

  1. The author is right about volcanic cooling, but the margin between our current cool climate, is only 2C above the level for a major Glaciation event advance to start, once it starts, the slide is on into a full on Glaciation.
    In looking at that last four Glaciation events, the ice advance take around 10,000 years to get to the bottom of the temperature decline, at this point sea level has dropped 130 M. The recovery to the next interglacial takes 120000 years to get rid of the ice.
    Each Grand Solar Minimum is accompanied by several T5-T7 volcanic eruptions, Dalton was accompanied by Tambora, LALIA (AD600) was accompanied by three major T6/7 eruptions and marked the start of the European DarkAges.

  2. The warmists have been waiting for an eruption like this to happen so that they can blame it for any cooling that occurs. Nothing to do with solar activity at all. Then they’ll blame CO2 for increased volcanic activity. 🙂

  3. strange thing?
    the quake there today was reported on news as a 5
    however usgs are NOT showing any of the shakes at all from the entire time its been doing so
    looks like the magmas starting to really move though from reports.
    and yes the temps may drop from it…the sunsets down in aus will be excellent like when Pinatubo let rip;-)
    of course the fullblown warmists are still pushing the cooling will be brief..dunno
    couple to 3 yrs at least if its a decent blowout id think.
    dammit! going to make choice of finding a crop to grow this season a bit iffy
    i held off due to mouse plague thats fizzled luckily. but small comfort having nothing growing right now except a LOT of very high grass.

  4. The warmists will try to put the blame for the Earth’s lower temperatures on volcanic eruptions. Anything but solar activity. Or the fact that more volcanoes erupt during solar minimums.

    • I think that any mention of solar activity is being avoided at all costs, because to acknowledge it as a driver of climate and weather, could possibly start a long, slow inexorable slide into a whole new theory of cosmology, such as the Electric Universe Theory, or something similar, and this would upset a LOT of people’s apple carts (and grant money!).

      • I think you have hit the nail on the head, it is, all about Grant money, it has never been about real science that can be proved or even disproved.
        Tenured professors eyeball deep in the AGW fraud are not going to teach anything else.
        To gain employment in the soft science government civil service you have to have a degree in Human Induced Climate Change, now called Climate Change to avoid embarrassment when the fraudulent models don’t forecast the result which matches reality.
        They do forecast the correct result as far was the Warmist, anti-carbon power producing cult requires, ever increasing warming back to the height of the Roman Warm Period and no higher.
        And at projected full warming, a full 4C lower than the highest point of the Holocene Maximum, and a full 10C lower than the peaks of the previous three Interglacial spanning the last 500,000 years.

  5. In Al Gored’s research papers, the explosion of volcanoes is proof of Globalist Warming. No need to panic. Nothing to see.

  6. Boy, we really need something like a major volcanic eruption to tame global warming! Rejoice, Al Gore, deliverance is at hand. Or something…

    • There taming, which is happening any way, not though reducing CO2 in the west, cos it is still only up like a like a lift, But though reduced energy from the Sun.
      As with every Grand Solar Minimum due to the abrupt changed orbit of the Sun around the SSB the Earth will experience several geological events during this orbit (SC24) which affect the rifting zones, earthquake hot spots and Volcanos.
      We have already had one large T4/T5 volcanic eruption in Iceland.
      Indonesia has a propensity for big bangs, be careful what you wish for.

  7. Isn’t it strange that atmospheric sulphuric acid “clouds” lead to global cooling on Earth but contribute to the “runaway greenhouse effect” on Venus ?

    “Settled science” at its best I’d say.

  8. Venus has a very dense atmosphere. That with adiabatic compression makes the surface level very hot relative to the Earth’s temps.
    Go read some physics and get off the “settled” nonsense

  9. I think Sagan came up with the galloping greenhouse effect nonsense about Venus. Wonder what weed he was smoking? The same stuff that the AGW idiots are smoking now.

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