Bali volcano may be about to erupt – Animals flee

With hundreds of tremors daily, authorities have raised the threat level at Mt Agung to its highest, fearing an imminent eruption.

According to police almost 28,000 villagers living on or near Mt Agung volcano have been evacuated.

Not only humans, animals are evacuating too.

Panicked snakes, monkeys and wild beasts are moving down through settled areas, Indonesian media reports.

This movement has been a growing trend over the past three days, the Tribun Kaltim news service says.

“It may be hot on Mount Agung. So the animals (come) out and to the settlement,” it quotes district resident Jro Mangku as saying.

“Maybe this is a sign — the sign of the mountain will erupt. This condition is not as usual,” Jro Mangku reportedly said.

Such an animal exodus was observed before Mount Agung’s previous eruption in 1963.

That eruption produced deadly pyroclastic flows that killed about 1,100 people and hurled ash as much as 6 miles (10 km) high.

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5 thoughts on “Bali volcano may be about to erupt – Animals flee”

  1. Mt Agung anecdote.

    1963 last catastrophic eruption.

    Before that eruption as is now there were many signs – tremors and minor ash emissions.

    Traditional practice in Bali was to sacrifice animals (and probably in earlier times humans) to appease the volcano gods and prevent an eruption.
    The then Indonesian President Sukarno forbade such heathen practices. The local Shamans were adamant only sacrifices could prevent a catastrophic event.
    Sukarno himself went to Bali and stood in harms way declaring a modern era was here and such ancient ceremonies were to be cast aside.
    Agung erupted with a huge loss of life and damage to the environment.
    Sukarno lost face, fled back to Jakarta and since then shamans have been making animal sacrifices.

    Indonesia although being Muslim has a curious mix of mysticism based on a cultural melange of Buddhism and Hinduism. Particularly in Bali.
    President Soeharto – Sukarno’s successor was a well known mystic.

  2. while they humans watching are unsure
    i would be placing trust in the animals senses and following their example;-)
    last one in the 60s went for 12mths
    going to be a lot of displaced people if she goes kablooey

    • I hope all those tourists either in Bali or have bought holiday packages to Bali have also bought travel insurance.
      I foresee a lot of buses traveling backwards and forwards from Bali to Surabaya or other Java airports further west after Agung goes up.

      The real problem Volcano in Indonesia is Sinabung up in North Sumatera. It’s been erupting for years now. There are ash emissions over 1 – 2 kilometers high every day now. Over 20,000 people have been displaced there for years.
      The Indonesian volcano scientists are expecting the eruption to go major sometime in the future.
      The eruptive activity at Sinabung has been going on so long now the every day news is slipping out of the media attention.

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