Banff unemployment rate as high as 85 per cent

Thanks, Covid-19.
No, thanks to media fear-mongering.

During the May 2020 long weekend, traffic in Banff was down 70 per cent but pedestrian traffic was down 88 per cent, which suggests people currently prefer to drive or avoid congested pedestrian spaces, town administration said.

The town will spend $175,000 on landscaping and traffic control to make the closed roadspace more pedestrian-friendly.

The mountain town’s economy, which is centred on tourism, was devastated as COVID-19 brought international and domestic travel to a halt. The community is facing an unemployment rate as high as 85 per cent.

Banff remains under a state of local emergency.

There have been four cases of COVID-19 in the community, which has a population of around 7,800. The national park PC (Pre-Covid) attracted more than four million visitors each year.

Thanks to Winston Smith for this link

“This is how to get folks used to no car future,” says Winston “Need the social distance – need to walk on the roads.”


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  1. Nope, it ain’t just the cars they’re after. Agenda 21 was an international agreement 200 plus countries signed during Clinton’s time. Here’s Nancy Pelosi introducing it in Congress in ’93:

    It is after this that regional government commissions were formed. This happened without the knowledge or consent of the citizens. In Los Angeles it’s called the SCOG (Southern California Organization of Governments). Their plans override your city’s plans. If you go to your local planning commission and get a copy of their report, you’re going to be astounded.

    The object of these regional government commissions is to “amend national policies to achieve international objectives”.

    For more info see “Sustainable America” (forward by Al Gore), a book on Amazon.

    Or, if you can’t stomach Pelosi or Gore, read a “friendly”, Rosa. Her book is “Behind the Green Mask.” It’s short & direct. Here’s her website.

    Or, here’s an introduction to Agenda 21

    Not up to it? How about a Rosa video. Don’t be fooled by her wild white hair.

    What did you think the global warming hoax was about? Same thing the Shamdemic is about.

  2. The headline gets it. Orchestrated media fear mongering is the problem. It is time for governments to use antitrust laws to break up the media giants. Nobody should be allowed to own more than one radio station or one TV station or one newspaper.

    • Gordon, the public has been persuaded that “govt is the problem” & therefore that all deregulation is good. Deregulation of the media has permitted the crazy consolidation wherein the 200+ media companies of the 70s has become six!. And two of those six have the same parent company.

      People are persuaded that small govt equals freedom. Well, not always. Sometimes a label or a motto just doesn’t replace actual information and thinking.

  3. The media fear mongering has actually work in our favor for a change. it worked in our favor for a reason most would never have expected.

    We’ve been told for years that CO2 levels were rising because of man. And this was causing global warming/climate change. We had no real solid way to disprove the claim. We could use intelligent arguments against it but we never had the smoking gun. The only way to prove the claim was false would be to shut off all production, cars, planes, etc. That was never going to happen, so the lie could live on forever. Then came Covid-19 and the thing no one would have ever thought possible. The production, cars, and planes were shut off. This went on for weeks.

    What was the result? There was absolutely no change in rate of CO2 increase across the globe. None. It was as if the shutdown never happened. Now why would that be? Simple. One had nothing to do with the other. The same way that rising CO2 levels on earth are not causing temperatures to rise.

  4. Once all this is over, if you haven’t been to Banff, go visit. It’s one of the most beautiful places in Canada, eh.

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