Bangladesh – At least 286 children hospitalized with cold-related diseases in 24 hours

25 Jan 2016 –  Life is almost paralysed by the biting cold in nine upazilas of the district. The poor are burning hay and fallen leaves to keep them warm.

Acting assistant director of Pabna General Hospital, Mahmudur Rahman, said the children had been suffering from pneumonia, cough, asthma, diarrhoea and fever, caused by severe cold.
Besides, nearly 1000 patients, including children, received treatment from  the hospital during the last week for cold-related diseases, he said.

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3 thoughts on “Bangladesh – At least 286 children hospitalized with cold-related diseases in 24 hours”

  1. It is unusual to see the cold extending into tropical regions. The pattern of cold across the N hemisphere is hard to dismiss as just winter weather. predicted an R5 solar-lunar magnetic period and the jet-stream is behaving in a different way to the 20ieth C. At some point meteorologists are going to be forced to admit that this is not normal and cannot be attributed to the density of a trace greenhouse gas in the air.
    At they report only 61 sunspots to-day and a solar wind speed of 367km/sec (which is quite fast).
    I can remember not so long ago (1985) when the only folk who spoke of a weird weather phenomenon called El Nino were wise old Aussie farmers. Now it’s on the telly every week.
    My guess is that soon we will start to see the sunspot count and solar wind speed being reported on the nightly TV weather report and these magnetic aberrations will be texted to our phones in much the same way that my insurance company sends out storm warnings so I can unplug sensitive electronic gadgets.

  2. The day they start taking the Sun on board, will be the day they admit that AGW is a load of bull. Maybe some meteorologists know that the Sun drives our climate, but IMO most of them are too stupid and smug to try to figure it out. Same goes for the academics!

  3. On they’ve also mentioned the fact that there’s been an increase in intensity of cosmic rays around the Arctic circle over the last year. Another sign that solar activity is weakening.

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