Bangladesh – Betel leaf falling off trees due to extreme cold

Betel leaf growers are facing losses as the leaves dropped from the trees due to intense cold and heavy fog this season.

“I have to face huge losses due to dropping of the betel leaves,” said Donbosco Khonglah, a betel leaf farmer of Meghatila punjee under Kulaura upazila of the district.

28 Feb 2017 — Not only Donbosco, but most of the Khasi growers are worried because they’re in the same situation.

Farmers say about 10,000 betel cultivators in Kamalganj, Kulaura, Sreemangal, Rajnagor, Juri and Barlekha upazilas left cultivation in recent years due to uncertainty caused by the cold.

According to Wikipedia, The betel is the leaf of a vine belonging to the Piperaceae family, which includes pepper and kava.

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3 thoughts on “Bangladesh – Betel leaf falling off trees due to extreme cold”

  1. i gather its semi? addictive..
    wonder what withdrawals are like?
    might be some unexpected fall out socially from it?
    anyone know more??

  2. Had a sergeant in the army that was from a south pacific island where they grew that stuff.
    He was always chewing it. He invited me to his home for dinner one night. His wife was chewing it. His kids were chewing it. Only things not chewing it was the dog and me.
    Very addictive. Very nasty, like chewing tobacco and I guess it causes cancer among other health issues.

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