Bankrupting the entire USA

“The ignorance and gullibility that embraces the Green New Deal is appalling.” “The left side of the political fence wants to get us all into a Marxist state.”
– Sara

Bankrupting the entire USA


Everything is wrong with the Green New Deal and its offshoots, including loss of foodstuffs that we take for granted and a massive loss of resources that contribute to biofuels, e.g., corn, wheat and soybeans. They aren’t raised solely for the food industry. There is far more to it than that.

Furthermore, in regard to charging stations for EV vehicles, here is a link (below) to the network of available charging stations, which has been in place for a while now. It is called plugshare dot com.

It starts with a map of the USA and as you enlarge it, you will see the very wide network of charging stations available IN EVERY STATE IN THE USA.

The ignorance and gullibility that embraces the GND is appalling. During the first debate, Biden said it would take “only $100 trillion” to make it work, which is far more than even AOC had proposed, and she finally ratcheted that down to “over a period of at least 20 years”, because she got so much backlash for her proposal. Essentially, he’s talking about bankrupting the entire USA.

Solar and wind power work fine on an individual household basis. I learned that long ago in Mother Earth News. They are NOT feasible on an industrial basis. That is being proven repeatedly in Europe, especially now in Germany where Merkel as had to approve returning to mining coal (destroying the Black Forest while she’s at it) because her numbskulled mismanagement of the power grid in Germany killed off an embarrassingly large population group, all ages, all income levels.

The Greenbeaners or ecohippies or whatever you want to call them are brainwashed into thinking that the Earth itself is being destroyed, but will not give up their electronic junk, which can only be produced by destroying the areas where the minerals required to produce that junk are mined. That is not a joke, you can find info on it anywhere online.

Biden is so brain-dead (and I dislike saying mean things about anyone, frankly) that he will say anything he’s told to say, even if he’s incorrect. It’s easy enough to look up a reference to a real source for whatever he says. He is 99% incorrect, the majority of the time.

But yes, the left side of the political fence wants to get us all into a Marxist state, which they’ve been trying to do since the 1920s when the NKVD recruited Ernest Hemingway to write columns for their USA publications, and he was naive enough to do it.

The Soviet Union collapsed in 1989 because it went bankrupt trying to annex Afghanistan and Gorbachev had to close the Politburo and send everyone home because, as he said, ‘We’re broke. We can’t do this any more. We are bankrupt” (not direct quotes, but I did watch it happen on TV). When are those lessons going to be learned by these dimwitted doofuses who want everything their way?

Well, the answer is “Never”, because they likely have never heard of any of that part of history, and know only the crap they are taught in school these days. They have never had a hungry day, lived through a bitterly cold winter with little to no heat, or had to do with the inconvenience of no electricity (other than that caused by a storm), so no electric lights or computers or charging the iPhone – none of that.

If you want to know how to cook when you don’t have electric power, try the Townsends videos on 18th century cooking and home construction. His instructions are worth your time.

Please keep this in front of people. It is never, ever too late.

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    • Thank you Sara, a very timely piece.

      “Please keep this in front of people. It is never, ever too late.”

      “For what it’s worth… it’s never too late, or in my case too early, to be whoever you want to be. There’s no time limit. Start whenever you want. You can change or stay the same. There are no rules to this thing. We can make the best or the worst of it. I hope you make the best of it. I hope you see things that startle you. I hope you feel things you’ve never felt before. I hope you meet people who have a different point of view. I hope you live a life you’re proud of, and if you’re not, I hope you have the courage to start over again.”
      ― F. Scott Fitzgerald

    • I have to add something here: in regard to the dissolution of the Soviet Union, I did watch the dismissal of the Politburo on the Russian TV channel when Gorbachev gave that speech. The US dollar at that time was worth one million rubles. The Soviet treasury was completely bankrupt. I did an article on this elsewhere last year.
      Yeltsin attempted a coup on Gorbachev and failed, in 1990, when Romania and the other Eastern Bloc countries (e.g., Czechoslovakia, Chechnya, Bosnia, Hungary, Tajikistan, et al.) were erupting into violent civil war. Even the rather remote country of Azerbaijan was at war with itself. That Romania was a hellhole became clear when ABC went there to investigate rumors of unwanted children being dumped at orphanages. It was appalling, because the caretakers wanted to do the best for those children but had no means (money) to do it. You may recall the commercial passenger airplane that was shot down by artillery when its route took it over the Crimea, not so very long ago.
      Yeltsin finally got his wish in 1991 and Gorbachev left office.
      This is 30 years later, and things have definitely moved forward, but there are still dictatorships in some of those former Eastern Bloc countries. If you were alive, you may remember the night that crowds in Berlin on both sides of the Berlin Wall tore down that monstrosity that kept people in East Berlin and East Germany.
      Don’t let these things just slip away into history. This can happen anywhere.
      Never, ever become complacent.

  1. On bankrupting the US, at time = 0, Walmart stops accepting credit and debit cards. At time = 60 minutes, natural gas piplines shut down, power plants shut down. The next day, batteries fail and backup generators are out of fuel.

  2. budget in Aus today, nd the greens are whining about the govt putting funds into REAL infrastructures and not even more useless wind n solar.
    at least the Fed Govt IS going to fund either new coal plants or repairs to aged ones

  3. Actually, ‘Fabian’ socialism was the goal of the ‘great’ industrialists of our early 20th century. These industrialists were the force behind the creation of the private central banking system (the Fed), were behind the forerunner of the U.N., created the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations), and had their hands in every major world event including the Russian Revolution, WWI, and WWII. All of these entities were/are fronts for a one-world agenda that intends to put the entire world under socialism/marxist systems as a means to control every aspect of life and death! The GND is just another scam, a baited hook intended to sway gullible humans, but it hides a truly devious agenda that includes population reduction!

    • Exactly so, JNS. It is the “laissez-faire capitalists” who created the Left in their think tanks & foundations. They set up two ideologies– the Left & the Right– which spar at each other on every issue. This allows them to invisibly choose whichever outcome they prefer on every issue: When the Right is frustrated it will blame the “socialistic” Left; when the Left is frustrated it blames the “capitalist” Right.

      Seldom does either look at those “laissez-faire” robber barons who are pulling their strings. They are really fascists who make govt support their agenda. In true free enterprise capitalism, the capitalists don’t control the govt. Rather capitalistic power is limited by the laws and intentions of the citizenry. This was still understood even in the 50s when mega transnationals were hindered in their grasping for power by high taxes on their profits and by anti-monopoly laws.

      I daresay all this sounds foreign to the ears of the liberty-loving. Always you have been told that it’s Big Govt that is the threat. But Govt has to be powerful enough to be the citizens’ tool in restraining the billionaires, Big Banks that have usurped money-creation, Big Pharma that now intends to extend its near-compulsory vaccinations, and Big Media that has constructed for decades a fictional worldview.

      I– and I know you– are for free enterprise, for maximum individual liberty. I urge you to examine my proposition that this cannot be had by making Big Business as untrammeled by Govt as possible. The conclusion of the idea that Small Govt is the ideal has allowed the capitalists to control the govt, to use its legitimate monopoly on force against the citizens. The melding of Big Business and Govt is the definition of fascism. Lockdown is a literal expression of it.

      The error was the failure to see that Big Business/capitalism was the threat and representative Govt OPPOSING and limiting it our safety.
      But championing govt-power as a limitation to capitalism? Surely that is socialism? No, it is more complicated than mere slogans & labels.
      To see behind them we must return to more decentralized govt, so that one can see the actual consequences of whether we want govt to seek a “socialist” or “capitalist” solution to a particular need. And if we choose wrong, it is only a local error that can be remedied.

      For many years this was understood, and we spoke of having a “mixed economy.” Wouldn’t you rather have an effective FCC that prevented the monopolistic control of media by SIX billionaire-controlled media companies? If controlled by us we could make the telling of intentional lies cause for a hearing to possibly lose their license.

      Ah, forgive my running on. I have watched since 1963 while this happened in slow-motion, and seen the creation of the opposing laissez-faire and socialist paradigms. It’s a MIXTURE, guys, don’t you get it? Michael Hudson, as another oldster, understands it perfectly.
      Just one of many Michael Hudson videos

  4. Wow, I do appreciate this article. For one thing, I looked on the map for my state (Arizona) and found the only electronic charging station currently is in Phoenix…. which is 138 miles.

    Also, I have had periods in my life when I went hungry (especially when I was pregnant and in the first year of my son’s life). I also lived in a tent on an island off the coast of Maine when my son was between 7 months and a year old. OK for summer if you are young and healthy (i.e., able to get in and out of a damn tent, something I could not do as an older disabled adult)… … but the minute you start feeling the chill of fall coming on you know in your heart you & your kid(s) could DIE from living like that… not OK.

    I’ve also had years of experience cooking, including the aforementioned time I lived in a tent and know how to cook over an open fire as well as a wood stove. (Move over Millenials, you’re going to need to learn how to cook after all!)

    I had close friends who lived in rural Maine in an old falling apart farmhouse with wood stove only. That meant about 6 months work per year as an unpaid full time job for the husband… chopping wood. Winters in Maine are very harsh (and going to get worse, my Ice Age believing buddies)…. often down to 20 below when the house would get up to maybe 30 degrees inside the house with the multiple wood stoves on full blast. Fun visiting (let alone living there), right?

    Just my first thoughts on this topic….

  5. Thank you for all the responses. If we are to learn anything from the fall of the Soviet Union, (1918 to 1991 [officially]), it is that:
    1 – Freedom is not free.
    2 – We can’t take anything for granted any more. Never EVER take anything for granted.
    3 – Politicians will promise anything to get what they want and then forget their promises.
    4 – The Earth will move on without the politicians and the rest of us will survive, which is why I tell people to cook something besides hot dogs over an outdoor fire. 🙂

  6. I’ve always said “give ’em what they want” – use a small city as a demonstration with nothing but renewable energy and see how long it lasts – a few days is my guess.

      • Spam is my middle name and you turn the dial up on the Asskissment big brother… you have got to be burning out moderating/highgrading all this info and babble overload… I can seriously empathise and even sympathise… good job all ’round Roberto. Cheers and thanks.

  7. It’s not just the USA, which other countries are not signed on to Agenda 21? N Korea, Syria , who else?
    All WE have to do is convince ALL the other countries on Earth that there is no global warming. No problem.
    Yes, I agree, Trump is a good step in the right direction . But, it’s a global issue and there is a lot of work to do to un brainwash most people on the planet.
    This site is a good start on that and thanks to all participants.

  8. Well of course the Left wants to put us into a global Marxist state. That has always been the objective of the Left who for decades now have entertained visions of global Marxism in their depraved and perverted little psychotic minds. And now in 2020 they believe they are so close to making their dreams come true that they can taste it. And btw achieving their objective has never been about conquering the West via military power. In fact, it has always been about using economic means to bring the West to its knees. And that, my friends, is exactly what is happening right now! What sad times we live in.


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