Bannon – Cancel my subscription

Steve Bannon – In my estimation, you have betrayed me, Breitbart followers,  and my President. Please cancel my subscription to Breitbart News.

Robert W. Felix

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  1. My head is still spinning!
    Just when you think you know who all the players are and what they are trying to accomplish something like this happens. I really fear for our country and for the liberties of its citizens. Have we reached the point of no return from the deep state?

  2. Agree totally! The question is why? Bannon has shown his true colors. He is a slime, a back stabber, totally lacking in loyalty or love of country. So, the question is, “Is he a liberal?”

  3. Bannon got too “big” for himself and thought he was a King maker.

    TRUMP, from my observation, is who he is and Bannon only served as a servant. TRUMP will do what TRUMP does and people either Love him, or Hate him.

    If the Democrats want to defeat TRUMP, they need to find their own “individual”, i”n charge”, “full steam ahead” candidate who thinks for himself and needs nobody. The Democrats would never allow such a person to represent them. If the Republicans don’t allow TRUMP to run again, they too will fail.

    The public has tasted hard-core individual drive and they are hooked and won’t go back to the weasels that have ruined this country.

    TRUMP can hire great advisers and such, as he will for the next election…..if we even have one.

  4. My first thought when the Bannon-Trump flap came up was the old MASH TV show when Hawkeye and Trapper staged a fight to make Frank happy for his birthday. Notice how the MSM and the Left is falling all over themselves about the flareup almost to the point of totally ignoring their Russia-Russia-Russia probe? Could be that Trump and Bannon are just playing the old magic trick the Left has used for years to divert attention of everyone and diffuse the situation. One thing is certain – in politics nothing is up-front, clear and straight-forward — everything is a Punch and Judy act and most people will be taken in by whatever is put on stage.

    • Agreed Bob
      Have an Aussie friend who is ex military intelligence with many friends in high places. He’s been watching this and other recent high profile matters very closely, and claims that little is as they appear to be if you rely on MSM. Just as you contend. On this question, he’s adamant that its a smokescreen just as you suggest. Vegas was tied in with the Saudi power struggle, etc as another example. Sessions laying low, out of the crossfire, while traps are being set. Hard to be patient, but DJT’s advisors are over weighted on the military side where tactical advantage is a key goal. Whatever Bannon’s personal flaws, he was the philosophical architect behind the campaign’s success …. lets see how the year plays out. Then decide.

  5. Well I still read Brietbart because it is not Bannon and there is a move to remove him. Mr Bannon is a classic example of “don’t listen to what they say, watch what they do, you will be amazed by the difference”.

    • reckon the book is pretty much fake..
      and its sold out
      killarys supporters id say;-?
      fools and their money etc etc 😉

  6. I’m not going to blame Breitbart in any way for the Bannon thing. Overall I like Breitbart and listen to them on XM radio. Bannon is just a spurious problem and I don’t even care if Breitbart allows him to stay. One little hole should not sink the whole ship.

  7. This book had three objectives:

    1) Add some gasoline to the 25th amendment fire

    2)Keep the collusion investigation hanging on long enough for the 25th amendment fire to reach a point where it will be self-sustaining

    3) Keep all of this out of the news:

    3 years from now nobody will remember this fake news nonsense. The writer himself admits its a work of fiction.

  8. sounds like a dirty liberal! I don’t subscribe to any news from anyone – especially if they want money. I used to read the Daily Reckoning for economic predictions and analysis – but they too have been wrong about allot of things.

  9. I have to hold my judgement of Bannon:

    In his book (the cause of all this trouble written by a progressive) Wolff stated in a disclaimer (who puts a disclaimer in a book?):

    many …are BALDLY UNTRUE
    …that LOOSENESS with the TRUTH, if not (looseness with) REALITY ITSELF, are an ELEMENTAL thread of the book.

    Give it some time and Wolff will be completely discredited.

  10. The faux feud is to guarantee media attention on the meeting between Don Jnr and the Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya because it will lead straight to Fusion GPS…….it has recently been revealed that Glen Simpson met with Veselnitskaya just before and right after Don Jnr. meaning it was a setup.
    Secondly it takes the spotlight off Wolffs’ tawdry book which is nothing more than a hyperbole of hearsay which will disgust even the hardest Trump critic.

  11. I love it so far, although it’s never fast enough for most of us, it’s classic conservatism. If we all knew what was going on so would the enemy. This way the maggots crawl out of the swamp on their own. We probably won’t know much, tilitsdone.

  12. As a European I stand firmly behind President Trump, as the chief and principal defender of the Free World! I think Macron and Merkel should pay far more respect to this great man. Their attitude is a bloody shame (as is indeed Bannon´s)!

  13. Bannon is just rooting out the swamp creatures from deeper down, he is “boots on the ground” and there is some good theater going on.. time will tell.

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