Bardarbunga – Amazing lava flows – Watch live stream here

Remember, this volcano used to be BENEATH the ice.
“The Bardarbunga volcano in Iceland is producing amazing lava flows during its ongoing eruption, says reader Wanda.

“The video footage which has appeared over the past several days is
phenomenal.. here is an example of the recent lava flows in 1080p HD:

Also watch here:

“This impressive lava flow seen in the above video produced a TORNADO

of toxic hot gasses, mainly Sulfur Dioxide seen in this thermal video
released on September 8th:

Also watch the eruption live here:

Screenshots of current activity at the Volcano (September 11 2014 .. 1215am CDT)

Thanks to Wanda for these links

6 thoughts on “Bardarbunga – Amazing lava flows – Watch live stream here

  1. I noticed that the basaltic lava looked a little crumbly at the lead edge of the lava flow. Does Icelandic basalt have a slightly higher silica content than Hawaiian volcanoes?

  2. I just visited Iceland in April. These fissural lava flows were in evidence everywhere I traveled, but nothing was erupting during my visit. It has been interesting to see these processes in action on this feed. Thanks for sharing.

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