Bardarbunga emitted huge amounts of sulphur dioxide and other gases

The six-month event released 11 million tons of sulphur dioxide that spread over the country and the Atlantic Ocean towards Europe, says Sara Barsotti from the Icelandic Meteorological Office.

Based on data from a network of remote sensing and in-situ instruments established shortly after the event began, Dr Barsotti and her colleagues have been assessing how much gas was vented during the eruption.

The team also estimated just over 6.5 million tons of carbon dioxide was released, together with roughly 110,000 tons hydrogen chloride.

Fortunately, the health and environmental impacts appear to have been limited. There was a spike in complaints about asthma, bronchitis and bronchiolitis, but nothing substantially out of the ordinary.

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  1. Interesting Robert but not quite as bad as what was estimated for the Laki eruption . Is there any indication of activity at Bardarbunga since the recent eruption shut down or is it dead quiet?

    • Steven, the Icelandic Met Office has maintained observations of Bardarbunga since it’s official declaration the eruption is over, but the volcano is still venting plenty of gases – it’s just that there’s no lava effusion any longer and the vents have gone quiet.

      Robert, do you still have the link to the webcams that were posted here back during the eruption? I visited them often but never bookmarked the link. As far as I know, they were still going to be maintained for observational purposes.

      • I’m out of town right now so don’t have access to my main computer. Will send you that link when I get back.

  2. Perhaps not enough to make a true impact on northern hemisphere temperature, but when added to all the active chemtrailing and the quieter Sun, its impact might be a little stronger than normal. Still, when you lump all the activity in Kamchatka and other northern hemisphere volcanoes, it might well help trigger an Arctic cooling that we won’t really want to experience!

  3. The EPA reports that less than 3 million tons of sulfur dioxide was emitted by US power plants in 2012 (the last year I could find).

    So 11 million tons of sulfur dioxide from one volcano gives a good example of how little benefit there would be even if we reduced the emissions to zero.

    Why didn’t the national god (Obama) order the volcano to shut down since he claims he can control the climate through executive orders?

  4. The most recent totally independent research on climate change, by Dr. Peter L. Ward (USGS, Ret.) found that volcanic eruptions have two opposing effects on climate: basaltic eruptions that emit huge quantities of sulfur dioxide warm the earth by damaging the ozone layer and allowing more hard UV solar radiation to reach the earth’s surface (e.g., the large basaltic eruptions in Iceland at the end of the last ice age), whereas explosive eruptions (e.g., Tambora, Krakatoa) cool the earth, by blocking sunlight. Also, the models showing man-made global warming due to CO2 violate the laws of thermodynamics.

    • The models rely on atmosphere low level impacts like the current eruptions in Iceland and explosive eruptions which reach extreme altitudes like Tambora, Krakatoa, the impact on climate depends on if its a rifting eruption or a Super Volcano hot spot over a subduction zone.
      Laki eruption killed so many in Europe due to SO2 damage to lungs, particularly during the harvest scything the corn harvest.

  5. I have yet to see a volcanic eruption emitting SO2 cause warming. It has never happened.

    Further ozone is a GHG , if diminished it would have a cooling effect not a warming effect.

    If that is the same Peter Ward affiliated with Washington University he is a fraud.

    • And yet the period when the Ozone hole became a global scare was the same period of “unprecedented” warming.

      Ozone is rare in the atmosphere being an unusual molecule primarily caused by ionizing radiation or strong electrical discharge.

      •85 to 90% of ozone found in the stratosphere
      •typical maximum concentration: 12 ppm

      •natural tropospheric ozone concentration: 10 ppb

      Thus Ozone is an insignificant GHG. The radiation it emits in the Stratosphere is basically irrelevant – 12 ppm, 20 – 50 km up at minus 60+ degrees C

      At 10 ppb in the troposphere it is an insignificant and transient GHG compared to water vapour or even that other more persistent trace gas CO2.

      400 ppm CO2 means 4 in 10,000 molecules are CO2.

      10 ppb means 1 in 100,000,000 molecules is Ozone.

      Ozone is however a very effective sunscreen with a SPF factor of miraculous proportions – without it UV would be much more dangerous in short time exposures.

      People who believe in GHGs causing dangerous warming are crediting them with heating abilities akin to nuclear fission given the low concentrations found naturally.

  6. One little the readers is over looking the huge amount of sulphur from barabunga is only adding sulphur to climate and it remains up in the atmosphere for a year or two but that’s not all add the volcanic eruptions which is now record high and new evidence gathered proven huge amount of small eruptions on global scale as what is happening now can force short term climate shifts at both poles north and south It’s already been predicted for this summer to be cooler wetter in some parts of northern hemisphere I am predicting the UK and other area’s over northern hemisphere be a colder due overall increase in sulphur levels in the atmosphere globally change is coming and now because solar activity is dropping fast volcanic activity will continue to increase as new report’s of sleeping volcanos starting to waking globally and Iceland no finished for volcanic activity just last week four of them started seeing fresh dyke intrusions and Katla the most feared of Icelandic volcanos seen a double intrusion in very short space of time I don’t care what others think on this volcanic activity world wide is going to shift the climate before you know it Piers Coburn has predicted this increase in volcanic activity and earthquake activity this is only going to get worse then hello ice age

  7. I wonder who will be sued because of this unauthorized release. The Obama administration cannot allow this! This will ruin his carefully crafted plan to control everything.

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