Bardarbunga could trigger Britain’s coldest winter ever

Britain could endure years of super-cold winters and miserable summers if the Bardarbunga volcano erupts, says this article by Nathan Rao.

Depending on the force of the explosion, minute particles thrust beyond the earth’s atmosphere could act as billions of mirrors reflecting sunlight away from earth.

The first effect could be a bitterly cold winter to arrive in weeks with thermometers plunging into minus figures and not rising long before next summer.

Historic volcanic eruptions have had devastating effects on the weather in surrounding areas which have lasted for years.

In 1783 eastern regions of the United States recorded the lowest ever temperature after Iceland’s Laki volcano erupted that year.

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  1. Even the icelandic vulcanologists apparently do not have a clue how these thousands of earthquakes are going to develop into which type of volcanic event . A lot of worst type of scenarios are discussed on various internet sites, but it may come more moderate than the speculations . Is this type of sensationalism not very much like the prophesies of the warmists ? Anyway for the course of events here on earth a relative moderate explosion would expose the climate scam of the warmists more clear than any disaster that would play in the hands of these charlatans .

    • Hard to predict indeed…but if you look at the energy needed for these quakes, it looks more grimm than good…

    • actually NO it wouldnt
      what it would do is give them an “out” to be able to say..well we were…right BUT the volcano cooled it own so all our hard work “proving” warming is now in vain..sob sob sigh..
      but the oceans is still hot n acid doncha know!

  2. The major volcanic eruptions in Iceland in 2010 were followed by the coldest December on record with temperature readings as low as -18C in N. Ireland. Coincidence? I think not.

  3. Laki was a VEI 6 in 1783. Bardabunga managed that in 1477, and even earlier in 6600 BC, but other than that the activity maxed at ~VEI 4 – the same as Eyjafjoll. Remember that this is a logarithmic scale like earthquakes so 6 is way bigger than 4.

    This may have some short term effect months maybe not years. The tone of the article is sensationalist, as one would expect from the Daily Mail.

    • I thought the VEI scale was based on ash output. The fear from this eruption was, as I understood it, from the vast volumes of sulfur dioxide these volcanoes put out. If that was the case, then the sulfur compounds would be reflecting much more sunlight, The “sensationalism” will more likely to be closer to the truth than any of us northern dwellers will want. A few months or a year? If you are already suffering from cold, cooling down for 6 months to a year might be more than the northern hemisphere’s ever shrinking electrical supply – thanks to “global warming” – can handle.

    • This time it was the Express—equally capable of predicting the coldest and the warmest this’nthat in successive articles. If it blows, we’ll know soon enough

  4. No scientist will deny a Laki like eruption is one of the realities we have to live with in Iceland as well as Western Europe. The only question that remains is when it will happen.

  5. I don’t think Bardarbunga is going to erupt. Every time I see these predictions with clusters of small earthquakes, nothing seems to happen. The exception is the eruption of Mount St. Helens in WA state in 1980, they seemed to know it was about to erupt. It was more than earthquakes, it was the bulge that was happening on the mountain.

    • Volcanoes don’t give a damn about catering to peoples normalcy bias. If they want to erupt peoples wish full thinking won’t stop them one bit. Just be ready for the hazards just in case.

    • I disagree. It will take some time for the hot lava to burn through a thick layer of solid basalt deposits from the past eruptions.
      Obviously this process of “torching” is taking place over a 35 km long dyke formation, north of which most of the quakes take place. Those quakes, about 1.000 a day show a tendency to increase in strength. Combine this with the constant high levels of harmonic vibrations, a strong indicator of high amounts of fresh lava transported along the dyke and you can’t get to any other conclusion that something substantial is going there. I think this is going to turn into a serious fissure eruption over a long area (30+ km) with highly explosive eruptions when the magma burns through the basaltic layers and comes into contact with the water of the melting icepack above.

  6. The express newspaper has a lot of comments about this article and if you read them they mostly say that this is a ridiculous story by a scaremonger i quite agree.

  7. Don’t believe a word that, that clown Nathan Rao says he comments on the weather for the Daily Express and is openly mocked for the garbage he writes. This does not make me a global warmist I think that we are due a ice age soon but posting stuff from this buffoon will discredit this site.

  8. We don’t need Bardarbunga for that. A sign of the very cold coming winter can already be seen in the Highlands:
    “Hundreds of snow patches in Highland mountains.
    Almost 300 snow patches remain in Highland mountains despite the warm weather the region has enjoyed this summer.
    So far, 265 patches of snow have been reported following this year’s summer snow survey and more reports are expected to come in over the next few days.
    The figures for this year are the highest since the survey began seven years ago – the number usually being somewhere between 30 and 50 – and many are larger and deeper than those recorded in previous years.”

    • Yes, living in the Highlands as I do, it’s easy to see the unusually large numbers of late lying snow patches, even on moderate altitude hills. We did not have a very severe winter last year, but the Atlantic lows were sufficiently far to the south to allow the unusually high winter precipitation of last winter to fall as snow above 1000ft or so—in fact record levels of snow. If we had had a normal summer instead of a warm one, then I’m sure there would have been quite an after-dinner conversation topic

  9. too soon to say for sure what might happen – anything from nothing at all to a major eruption and / or rifting episode with ash cloud, poison gas and more – these things take time to get to the dangerous stage, and we are not there yet. The headline on this topic is possible, just one of many – it takes a brave person to call in August what might happen in, for instance, October (or November, or not at all)

  10. I agree with comments that the OP is somewhat speculative. It is not on the level of the alarms of the warmists though.

    The conditions speculated on here have indeed occurred in the past and are at least plausible, unlike the threatened Thermagheddon caused by increased human CO2 that seems less likely with each yearly CO2 increase.

  11. Maybe if we stop farming, the evil co2 will stop warming the planet!!

    The Skull and Bones John Kerry has SPOKEN.

  12. Typical crappy science article. ‘millions of tiny mirrors’ um no.. its particulates .. if theres is any blocking of ‘sunlight’ they really mean IR here. These dummie journos dont understand that visible spectrum heats nothing. Its IR that does the warming. Anyway if it has effect its carbon (evil stuff this carbon..) particulates that block IR from reaching the earths surface.

  13. another large quake late last night aus time 5.7? and two more today 5.3 5.2 from memory
    its NOT done yet

  14. Is this site ( run out of the US?
    Please understand that the Daily Express and the Daily Mail are not serious newspapers. I and others have said this over and over – reporting stories from these sites will destroy any credibility you have.
    If you didn’t know before, you do now.

  15. This guy is renowned for talking rubbish…ignore ignore ignore…
    Only last month we were being told we were to have the hottest summer in 300 years by this newspaper and a certain weather forecaster, it’s been damp and cool!
    When they say one thing I expect the opposite!! Lol

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