Bárðarbunga volcano pumping out 35,000 tons of sulphur dioxide per DAY!

More than twice the amount spewing from all of Europe’s smokestacks.

Sulphur dioxide has been spurting out of the Iceland volcano for eight weeks now, says Scientific AmericanMore than twice the amount!

At 35,000 tons per day, that’s almost 2 million tons!

Entitled “Gas-Spewing Icelandic Volcano Stuns Scientists,” the article points out that “the record-setting amount of pollution” has even surprised volcanologists.

With the right winds, the sulphur can reach as far as the European continent. Austria has already recorded more sulphur in its air than any time since the industrial clean-up of the 1980s.

Sulphur spikes as high as 21,000 micrograms per cubic metre were measured last weekend in the town of Höfn; the World Health Organization recommends no more than 500 micrograms per cubic metre for a 10-minute exposure.

If the current eruption is tapping magma deep in the crust, as the lava’s volume and chemistry suggest, it may continue for months or even years, says Freysteinn Sigmundsson, a volcanologist at the University of Iceland. “We don’t see an end in sight.”

When Mount Oyama volcano on Miyake Island in Japan began erupting with roughly the same level of sulphur emissions in the early 2000s, the island was completely evacuated.



Thanks to D Scott and Chris Beal for theses links

“Increasing vulcanism -> SO2 cools the atmosphere,” says Scott. “Expect synchronous reinforcing effects with a cooling sun, dropping magnetic field strength allowing more cosmic rays -> increasing cloud cover and the polar vortex to further cool the Northern Hemisphere.”


12 thoughts on “Bárðarbunga volcano pumping out 35,000 tons of sulphur dioxide per DAY!

  1. Over 240 days that would be 8.4 megatons of sulfur dioxide. Still short of the performance by the Laki eruption.

    • The amount would also cover what the US pumps out as well. Id you trust the EPA web site that is.
      US Governments tend to lie to their citizens over climate issues and data, or dont publish inconveniant data such as snow cover at around elections. What is it with the US, a supposed beacon of democracy and yet your just as corrupt as the Russians.

      • We are m-o-r-e corrupt than the Russians. And we have not been a beacon of democracy for many, many years now.
        When we started acting more European and less American we went wrong. That began in 1846 and shows no signs of stopping…..

  2. Say folks:
    You you suppose those knit-wits with theIPCC have begun to to organize their “do it yourself DropDead Kits”
    Inquiring Minds want to know! unless of course you work for the — USEPA, you guys can go back to sleep! nothing to see here move along

  3. curiously a lot of the trees and plant life that were supposed to be harmed BY the sulphur, werent doing so badly
    after they dropped emissions those same trees etc slowed down growth due to lack of sulphur:-)
    remeber reading it and laughing at how we got suckered by that along with the ozone scam etc etc
    not much changes does it
    if sulphur particulates cool it down
    the rise in temps in the 90s may well be solely die to the clean up atmospherically of that and factories smokestack
    maybe the little warming there was..was manmade but NOT by Carbon:-)
    neat twist:-)

  4. Now we’ll get to see if Al Gore’s often quoted MIT scientist, who claims that Volcano emissions of Sulfur, are responsible for Ice Ages. Or at least they’ll us this as an excuse for any more Global cooling that happens.

    • It is very possible that glaciations advances have several or need a number of root causes; Grand Solar Minimum periods of reduced EUV and solar wind strength, coupled with increased cloud cover, a major or several large volcanic eruptions, and the Milankovitch cycle proceeding toward a very short Summer and longer Winter, Spring and Autumn seasons.
      The retreat from a full on glaciations period is the opposite, the Milankovitch cycle moving towards a more circular orbit and a beneficial seasonal tilt, and a long Solar Warm Period like we have just had, but without the VE6+ Volcanic eruptions we have experienced over the last 150 years.

  5. At that rate, it’s producing about half the total US or Chinese emissions for a whole year, ‘just one volcano’!

  6. This sulpher will have little effect in the environment (i.e. little cooling) as it is NOT being pumped into the stratosphere, where it can remain in the atmosphere for a long time, it is being released at low altitude in the troposphere and as such it is and will be very quickly washed out as soon as it rains.

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