BBC – Paris Climate Agreement Is A Con – Video

“Let’s be clear. Climate change energy charges on your electricity bill are actually a poll tax on the poor,which even causes people to die in winter when they cannot foot the bill.” – Astrophysicist Piers Corbyn

“The alarmism plastering the media is fraudulent,” says Corbyn. “There is no such thing as man-made climate change.”

“U.N. models have failed, and failed, and failed again.”

“The world now is cooling, and our own scientific examination of solar activity shows it will cool even more rapidly in the next 20 years.”



11 thoughts on “BBC – Paris Climate Agreement Is A Con – Video”

  1. Whats worse is a UK government agency the BBC, funded by a direct tax on the very same people who can least afford the climate levies, is the Chief propagandist for AGW, Human Induced Climate change, anti carbon energy of every kind,
    Coupled with a UK Civil Service funding Global Warming reseach by the 10 milions per year in research to suport fake science, and then fake news to justify redistribution via Carbon Credit.
    Money from the Western tax paying poor, to third world despots, criminals, and into offshore chugging NGO, to fund their fast jets.

  2. Whether Piers has any influence over the views of his brother, Jeremy, the Leader of the main opposition party in the U.K. Parliament is an interesting question!

  3. The global warming story is now well and truly buried–incredible that this has now become ‘Climate Change’ and that our schools are teaching this ‘Science’ as factual and real. The reality is very different and soon this myth will be exposed—renewable turbines in the UK will not keep people warm and secure—I continue to make one very clear point—-the current climate is not warming–Fact.

  4. aussie power costs just went up 20% in one hit.
    my bill jumped $20 from last with less power used
    this is due to shutdown of one coal power plant so far…and another one also to be shut..and nothing replacing them of any use ie mega millions spent on useless and not yet running birdshredders
    as well as the utterly stupid costly privacy invading
    more daft than smart meters

    • I am not looking forward to my next electric bill either (heat is via electricity in my house, a heat pump which is efficient in moderate weather… but awful in very cold weather, since is’s bsically a “reverse AC” system.

      There have been reports that people are getting heat bills in the range of $500 more this past month than usual… which is a huge amount for most of us.

      And a recent report tells of some kind of audit the electric company successfully resisted… which it is claimed could have been hiding extreme overcharging it’s customers. So I am entirely sympathetic!

    • The same here in Belgium. Every year we get an extra “adjustment” electricity bill, sometimes a deduction, sometimes addition. This year ours was an extra bill of more than 500 euros, as the country moves to more and more renewables and tries to close down its nuclear plant. Not a welcome Christmas present. This signals that monthly electricity bills will also be going up – big time.

  5. The picture Piers paints implies that Global Warmers are like the flagellati who went from town to town during the plagues in the Middle Ages. They would whip themselves and try to get others to whip themselves to save the world. Not only were they pitiful and ineffective, but they were dangerous because they themselves spread disease and their antics distracted people from seeing what was really going on and doing things that could actually save them.

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