BC Hydro sets new record in these freezing temperatures

With the mercury well below the freezing mark across much of the province, the utility saw electricity demand peak (for the date) at 9,869 megawatts.

A record set in November 2006 of 10,113 megawatts still stands.


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3 thoughts on “BC Hydro sets new record in these freezing temperatures”

  1. Syria, Sun – 11 Dec 2016 . Snowstorm in Damascus and Syria’s pan .. and snow at elevations of 600 m
    The Arab Center for the weather and climate have reported low advent of air accompanied by several cold air fronts will bring rains at the beginning of the precipitation turned to snow later.
    The Center said that the rainfall swept most parts of Damascus and turned precipitation to snow with the knowledge that it was unexpected, pointing to continued cold weather tomorrow, especially at night, warning form frost in the interior areas of the mountainous highlands, which would apply to the capital Damascus, with expectations to reach the night temperature to -2
    And the weather forecast for the day 12-12- 2016 between the center that this date has a special resonance snow is reminiscent of the same date in 2013.
    Reader’s comment: The MSM reports a lot about the civil war in Syria, especially about the fighting in Aleppo, but this news about unexpected snowfall (even the word snowstorm is mentioned) in Damascus is not being reported.

  2. yeah not a word..
    wonder how camels cope?
    do they fall over as fast as alpacas n llamas seem to in sth american cold?
    guess their respiratory disease from camels TO humans will rise after this in some areas too…

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