Be aware! Danger! …. Really??????

“…more than 1,200 inmates no deaths. Can you calculate the percentage?”

Be aware! Danger! …. Really??????


My wife is RN in a prison infirmary and she is in charge of testing the inmates that come from another facility or hospital and all that claim any symptoms. Most of the results come positive.

The inmates live in close contact, no masks, sleep 50 people per dorm, and many have serious underlying medical conditions (cancer, diabetes,compromised immune system…) NONE had serious illness, and the only one sent to the hospital with pneumonia tested negative, but after 3 weeks in the hospital returned healthy and tested positive.

So, out of more than 1,200 inmates no deaths. Can you calculate the percentage?

Oh, I forgot about the medical and administrative personnel and the security people. Another few hundred….

The same with the ~800 members of our congregation.

COVID-19 is a very serious problem. Be aware! Danger! …. Really??????

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  1. Sounds like this whole thing was another LIE and fake news ever since it started!!

    I never fell for it and never wear a mask anywhere I go because I know it’s a lie. I worked at an assisted living community where most people are 75 and older and NOT ONE caught that virus.

    However, when a summer blizzard happens in the mountains, NOT A WORD do you hear about that!!! And yes, those can be killers, especially at a time like this when we are entering an ice age and magnetic reversal.
    There’s something very wrong with this picture!

    Something is extremely fishy here.
    Kill your television an radio!

    • #killyourtelevision

      we see you bro, spread the word o7

      do you know who coined that phrase?

  2. And thousands of violent criminals were released because they were “in danger” from covid if they were kept in prison.

    So we were put in real danger by having them out in the streets.

    • The criminals released were from jails not prison.
      Big difference.

      If you want to be specific jail can be used to describe a place for those awaiting trial or held for minor crimes, whereas prison describes a place for convicted criminals of serious crimes.

  3. I have no problem believing this. I have a problem understanding what IS going on with CV-19. I have read articles that link these CV-19 symptoms to a lot of things – easy to do since just about anything today is a possible symptom of CV-19.

    But I believe his name is Arthur Firstenberg, who is pushing hard against the release of 5G technology, pointing out that every symptom of CV-19 is equally a symptom of EMF poisoning. It is interesting to note that the CV-19 outbreak times to the launch of Starlink’s 2nd batch of satellites and their testing, and each “surge” in CV-19 seems to be close to each following launch. The launch itself, isn’t an issue, but the system does have to be tested to ensure that it functional.

    The relationship between CV-19 and 5G, and its severity, was question early on since Wuhan was the first Chinese city to get 5G, and each place that reported spikes in the virus also had implemented 5G, including the cruise ship.

    Why concern about Starlink? The satellites are all located within the ionosphere, and there is an electrical connection between the ionosphere and the ground, and many believe that there is an electrical connection with our own physical body since electric impulses are one of the means the body talks to its parts. If we ARE connected to the ionosphere’s electrical circuit, what might 5G energy being released into that circuit, full time, 24/7, might do to all of us? All life, really.

    The intent is to start up Starlink’s service sometime in the latter part of summer or early fall. Will the “second wave” theoretically going to show up because economies have to restart of civilization as we know it dies, show up shortly after the start up of the trial services offered by Starlink? And if so, which really is the cause? Has CV-19 hysteria actually been a “blind” for the damage that 5G is going to do? And if that is the case, how exactly do you develop a vaccine to protect you against EMF?

    And there will be those that will simply say, “what a crazy bastard!” To those I say this, I knew both my parents, and I was born over a year after they were married. 🙂

    • doesnt even have tobe 5g
      gfriendlived across from my 7hectare paddock so its a good 1/4mile plus away from my house
      she had “normal”wifi and when i opened laptops theyd find HER wifin try n connect!
      she wasnt well touble with gut/sleeping/depression etc
      had been fine i n qld but not in Vic…hmm?
      oh and we also have FORCED smart meters and live in wooden homes(not a shred of protection from those wifi bursts either)
      when every cell in our bodies carries a magnetic charge ir=ts got to be seriously considered as to effects of electromagnetic fields .

    • No 5g in northern Italy. Don’t ignore the mountains of info that are inconvenient to your thesis. That is how ideologies are born.

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