“Beast from the East,” meet the “Pest from the West”

“For Wales, this could be a repeat of 1947 ! That huge snow came in March.” – Lyn Jenkins


“Beast from the East,” meet the “Pest from the West”

By Lyn Jenkins

On Thursday and Friday this week, we could be hit by the biggest snowfall since 1947  in Wales. That huge snow came in March.

A normal Atlantic Low Pressure in winter carries at least an inch of rain, but very often two as it runs into a blocking High Pressure. This Storm Emma is coming at us from southerly latitudes, and will therefore be very moisture-laden. An inch of rain is equivalent to at least 10 inches of snow, but even more snow if it is very cold.

So if Emma carries 2 inches of rain, it will be at least 20 inches of snow…….and that is phenomenal……especially with gale force winds behind it. We are about to suffer very dangerous blizzards and huge drifting.

It is a classic snow chart……..Scandinavian High meets Atlantic Low ! High Pressure over Sweden drags air across Europe from Siberia in a clockwise direction.

I warned of this danger in a Western Mail letter over a month ago when I said it was minus 61 C in Siberia.

The Portugese have dubbed this as Storm EMMA. A far more appropriate name would be a Welsh girl’s name……..EIRA….which means “snow” in English !

Be prepared! Carry a shovel , warm blankets , a hot flask and food in the car if you have to travel.

The “Beast from the East” is about to meet a severe Atlantic storm…….the “Pest from the West ” !! This will be historic !!

Yours faithfully,
Lyn Jenkins,

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  1. That huge snowfall began in January 1947, not March 1947.

    Although I was only 4 years old, I remember it very well !!!

    My father dug a out the path from the front door to the garden gate, and I can recall walking along the path just peeping above the snow. It did not stop me walking to school about half a mile away !!!

    I also remember it , because when the snow started to thaw, I was walking home from school and splashing through the puddles of melting ice . I slipped on some ice at the bottom of one puddle ,and came home soaked to the skin and frozen.

    The winter of 1962-63 was far worse. Snow started on 26th December, 1962, very deep and lasting through to March.


    • I know the snow started in January. I was born on February 8th 1947 and a female school friend was born on February 4th. She was named EIRA after the snow.
      However, the WORST snow came in early March that year, according to local people.

        • Well glad I live in the US. I did not start until 6 (no kindergarden then)… and it worked fine for me. Children do learn from playing.

      • Good grief, Jean S. My two grand-daughters were going to “Ysgol Feithrin” or Welsh pre-school classes…….aged 3.They attended nursery classes befor that.
        They were both BILINGUAL …in Welsh and English BEFORE they were 5 years of age.
        Before they were six…….they were reading and writing in BOTH Welsh and English.

        Why say “poor thing”? My grand-daughters have always LOVED school.

        What did you do up until the age of six?

  2. Lyn,
    Sorry to hear you are going to have to deal with that… you have made up a great headline tho! But maybe it will help in your campaign to get the locals to listen to real information about the climate…

    As I recall, you have spoken often about how your local news stations ignoring the truth .. will they get away with ignoring this? Not give people any warning? Or claim it’s due to “global warming”?

    I know here in the US they do at least often let people know storms are coming (tho most recently they often get the details wrong) … and have information about how to prepare, as you just did. But after the worst of it, it seems they always go back to the mantra of “warmest year on record” nonsense. One of my brothers, who I am very fond of… despite working the snow plows for his area (Concord, NH) – having to get up at 3AM and sometimes walk into work… because the streets not plowed yet, STILL believes it’s “global warming”… he’s smart, but I cannot seem to get it into his head that he’s being duped!

    • It’s the politicians and “greenies” who keep on about “global warming”. They’ve gone quiet this week !We get “the warmest year on record” bullsh*t as well.

  3. Yup, I’m 80 now and I remember the winter of 1947 which was probably the worst for Britain in the century. Not only continual snow for 3 or 4 months, but this meant that the coal (upon which we all depended both at home and in factories) could not be dug out and that ground vegetables such as potatoes couldn’t be dug out either. It was a bad, bad time.

    Mind you, as children, we had great fun: Sledging down hills, making snowmen, snow-ball fighting and, best of all, getting sent home early from school if it was really snowing heavily. Unfortunately, in those days, they didn’t close the schools just because of a bit of snow…

  4. Thank-you Robert for posting my information above. If anyone thinks that I am exaggerating, please consider the following:-
    [a] The High Pressure over Sweden has drawn very cold DRY air across Europe from furthest Siberia..
    [b] Substantial snow-falls have occurred on the UK east coast, simply from the MOISTURE PICKED UP OVER A SMALL NORTH SEA ! The North Sea is generally between 300 and 30 miles wide.


    The amount of moisture is COMPLETELY different from the North Sea.

    Now Emma is really going to catch FRANCE FULL ON ! So France is really going to have propblems !
    Then Emma carries on north and crosses the South West of England, followed by Wales and Ireland.

    A storm of that nature would be expected to carry about 2 inches of rain in milder weather. 2 inches of rain equals about 20 INCHES OF SNOW…….without any drifting !!
    Therefore, there could be huge problems ….even along the M4.which could be chaotic !! CARRY A SHOVEL IN YOU CAR BOOT……..PLUS A SACK OF SAND IN CASE YOU START SKIDDING. BESIDES, THE WEIGHT OF THE SACK OF SAND WILL GIVE YOU EXTRA TRACTION !!
    Take care !

  5. Norway, February 28, 2018 Record low temperatures: – 42 C.
    Sun and cold in all of Romsdal – and throughout southern Norway
    Yellow suns and blue degrees characterize our entire district in the days to come.
    Bright and sunny it is, and at the same time called many places in the Romsdal region – today from minus three on Ona in the west, to minus 11 on Marstein in Romsdalen in the east.
    And on Wednesday morning, a total of 42 minus degrees were registered in Folldal in Hedmark.
    The temperature in Folldal is on a par with the very lowest temperatures recorded in Norway in the last 30 years, writes NTB.
    Of the five coldest places registered in Norway during the night to Wednesday, four were in Hedmark county, with Sel municipality (39.7 minus degrees), Tynset (37.5 minus degrees), Alvdal (30.8 minus degrees) and Drevsjø ( 29.5 minus degrees).
    The reason for the unusually low temperatures is that Europe is getting cold air from Siberia in Russia, and the cold does not seem to cope with the first.
    “Wednesday is expected to be the coldest day this week,” says meteorologist Per Egil Haga at the Meteorological Institute of NTB.

  6. Thanks for this info, Lyn. I hope that it won’t be as bad as we think. But it’s pretty darn cold in the UK. Like you, I’ve been trying to warn friends and family about the coming cold and the GSM, but most of them just look at me as if I were crazy. Sadly, many of them still think the planet is heating up, and the BBC idiots are still peddling that idea…

    • Thanks. We are at 52 degrees north here in Cardigan, Wales. That is the same latitude as Nova Scotia. Only the Gulf Stream keeps Europe warmish in winter. We can go 20 years sometimes, without seeing snow here on the Welsh coast.Snow is far more frequent in the Welsh hills.

      BUT EVERY ONCE IN A WHILE IN WINTER, A HIGH PRESSURE BUILDS OVER SWEDEN. Then the wind blows CLOCKWISE from Siberia….negating the Gulf Stream. That is what we have now.
      Of course, the LOWS always cross the Atlantic, west to east.A High over Sweden is at the RIGHT LOCATION TO LET THE MOISTURE LADEN LOWS HIT THE UK.
      THAT is what is going to happen on Thursday and Friday.
      Just as well this is starting in March………not December !

  7. Here in Holland new cold record established for the 28th of february, since record-keeping began in 1901!! Canals in Amsterdam now partly frozen and tomorrow it is March, the Met’s office official start of ¨Spring¨.

    Nice spring it will be with morning temperatures of minus 10 and heavy snow on its way!

  8. Plamen,
    You say “Eira is a Welsh word not English”. What does that mean? Of course it is a Welsh word……but it is also a FEMALE NAME, so it would have been very apt for what is coming tomorrow.

    Besides, how many so-called English NAMES are actually English?

    Names like Rebecca, Barbara , Daniel, Joshua, Jonathan and David are not English……..they are Jewish Old Testament names.

    We had “STORM DYLAN”, the other week. Well DYLAN is 100 per cent Welsh and a very common name in West Wales.
    Dylan Thomas was a famous Welsh poet from whom American ,Robert Zimmerman took his name……Bob Dylan. But all the hundreds of Dylans in Wales were not named after either of them. It is just one of our most common names in Wales.

    By the way, I am a male and my name is LYN, which is truly a MAN’S NAME in Wales because it is a diminutive of LLYWELYN, which was the name of many Welsh princes………long before the English took the name Lyn. “LLYW” means “PRINCE”.
    Do you know that the Welsh were the original British and that our oldest Welsh poetry was composed in Din Eidin………NOW EDINBURGH…….circa AD 600 , when it was a WELSH-SPEAKING AREA?
    The whole of southern Scotland and England spoke BRYTHONIC or BRITISH or Old Welsh ,, for 1000 years BEFORE the Scots came from Ireland and the English from Germany in the Fifth Century.
    The word WALES…..is from WEALAS….the Germanic or Anglo-Saxon for “Romanised foreigners” referring to the NATIVE BRITISH or Welsh. [Welsh place-names in England and Scotland abound…….London, Dover, Malvern, Glasgow, Lanark, Perth etc etc are all Welsh names.]
    So Welsh personal names are BRITISH names……in the TRUE original sense of “BRITISH”.

  9. The Elite should have been screaming and scaring us about Global Cooling (which WAS discussed in the 1970’s).

    Had they just done the science, and seen this coming, they could have easily blamed this on MANKIND (which is the point) so they could have taxed us for the necessary coal digging, oil fracking, deep well natural gas drilling, pipeline construction, oil burning, etc., etc., etc., that we would have to do to prevent this dastardly cooling by INCREASING the CO2……….so that we can prevent the coming man-made Ice Age!!!!

    Man Made Global Ice Age !!!!

    They could have scared us all with “collapsing sea levels”, contracting vegetation latitudes, freezing of corn and wheat fields and how Aspens, Oaks, Walnut trees will over take Texas……blueberries, strawberry, blackberry and raspberrry farms in Key West……horrible thoughts.

    But, no. They went with the easy path…..(Green House C02 which is a pathetic and insignificant green house gas)……..and are stuck.

    They will, of course, come up with a new plan to tax us since that is the point. Cooling, or Warming, or Nuclear Winters, or Population Bombs, etc are all just slogans….the goal is to tax us.

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