Beijing – Coldest December day in 42 years

Residents astonished at the sudden temperature drop.


30 Dec 2020 – Apart from the resurgence of the coronavirus that has confined many Beijingers at home, local residents now have another reason to stay indoors – the bitter wind and extreme cold as the city saw its coldest recorded December day in 42 years at -26 C (-14.8F).

Residents were astonished at the sudden temperature drop.

“The forecast for Beijing is even colder than the North Pole,” a netizen on China’s Twitter-like Sina Weibo said early on Wednesday, posting screenshots of weather-tracking apps which read -13 C in Beijing and -3 C at the North Pole.

As a cold air mass swept across northern China and Beijing since Tuesday, temperatures plunged from an average daily high of 2 C to maximum highs of -6 C and lows of -13 C, some of the coldest December days in a decade.

5 thoughts on “Beijing – Coldest December day in 42 years”

  1. “Residents were astonished at the sudden temperature drop.”

    All I can say is that if they had been reading Robert’s “Iceagenow” website, then they would already see the warning signs of the impending Global Cooling!

    Unfortunately, the “Mass Media” in China as well as in the USA knowingly and purposefully withhold the real news that proves their agenda false.

  2. It also looks like a major snowstorm across all of cental Texas to the border. Normally it’s further West or North and even that’s odd.

  3. Welcome to La Nina temperatures. Cyclical temperature patterns sometimes go up and sometimes come down. To claim that weather is climate change is just politics as usual and about as nonsensical as nonsense can get, IMO.

  4. An ICE-AGE is coming whether people want to see it or not. Probably this winter will be much colder in the Northern Hemisphere that is normal -which will indeed be a shock to the system as in the UK which is accustomed to wet mild winters.. Are things now starting to change? It certainly looks like it with the undulating Jet-stream. Only time will tell as we enter further into the Solar Minimum. Some are predicting another ‘BEAST from the EAST’ for the UK as happened 3 years ago at the end of Feb 2018? Why are many MINIMUM TEMPS being broken all the time all over the world? Why is that never reported by the BBC and all the main media?

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