Below average temperatures in Japan

“Here in the land of the rising sun it is well NOT sunny at all,” writes reader Michael B.”

While we are in the wet season, so extra rain is expected what isn’t expected is the way below average temperatures.
“Daytime temps have been averaging about 5°C below average across many parts of the country. It has also been cloudy virtually everyday for the past 3 weeks, with a lot of rain.
In fact rain almost everyday and sometimes very heavy.
“Sunshine has been non existent too.
“So far this months average has been 2°C cooler than June. It should be warmer than June.
“This weather is set to continue for a while longer as yet.

“As we currently have a reverse El Niño I doubt this will change much.”

5 thoughts on “Below average temperatures in Japan”

  1. I check almost daily the Weather Underground/ Wundermap and I noticed that most of Northern hemisphere is covered buy clouds on satellite map.
    A couple of weeks ago MSM was screaming about the heat wave in Europe. Now In Germany temps are upper 50 to low 70F (18-22C) and most of Eastern Europe is colder then average, not only Hungary and Romania. Even in Greece where its very hot this time of the year, today it was a balmy 70-80F (22-28C) .

    • Yes, indeed this July over Europe is very unusual with cool temperatures even deep in the South (Greece). And it is not a 2 day cool period, it’s been cool for 2 weeks now, which is extremely unusual. July is meant to be the hottest month of the year. Some snowfall has been recordeed in the mountains of Poland and Romania which is again very unusual for this time of year. It’s a very rare event.

  2. and msm utterly fails!!! to mention the cold
    they did mention flooding cos they had to as indian states are in deep water n troubles but briefly of course.
    guess any green japanese with soalr pv arent too happy about now either;-)
    funny they dont offshore windfarms there with the winds(cyclones) they get;-))) lol

  3. I guess the Japanese are also not into fudging temperatures. They are realists and pragmatic.
    The Russians are the same and have their own climate computer model which as very accurate and does not predict any global warming.
    They will not waste money on fruitless plans such as taxing carbon to reduce CO2 output for no result.
    It is time their scientists joined the growing throng of real scientists and called out the UN for their deceit.

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