Below-average temps for the Plains

“Uh oh,” says reader Don Wilkening. “Look at this. The crops are having a hard time maturing as it is.”

“Long-range models are indicating cooler than normal temps for the end of Aug/start of Sept,” says Minnesota meteorologist Tom Clements.


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  1. Saw this earlier although I wanted to wait a little while to make sure this was accurate. I checked The NWS GFS operational runs and by the 28th it does show evidence of a significant low to the south of Hudson Bay and a large fall-like area of high pressure over the Plain states. The cold front should be able to pass off the East coast around the 30th or so. Have to see how this evolves exactly.

    Ready for fall so I don’t mind it.

  2. A couple crews just came back in from working clean-up from the spring floods in Nebraska. They say the weather there ranged from the mid to upper 70s during the summer! With rain and cloud cover frequent.
    Gonna be cold up there this winter eh.

  3. Will somebody refresh my memory please!
    Was this area that had big problems with a late spring an a late planting season? Also a late planting because of rains and flood?
    Do I remember right that about 1 000 000 (one million) cattle died in Nebraska alone because of flood?
    My memory is not what it use to be , so please help me.

  4. One million cattle sounds like a lot, til you realize that’s only about 1% of U.S. beef. Same with the flooded acreage — just under 2% the arable land. Wasn’t actually all that unusual, just more clumped than average and got extra news coverage.

  5. We got down in the 40s here in Montana last week, one day had a high of about 56 and I’m in a ‘banana belt’. Then it was back to hot for a couple days, but this morning it was chilly and I think our summer is basically over — the aspens are already showing bits of fall color, and the baby black walnut has gone completely yellow.

    Also, we’ve had something like ten days since May (when we finally got spring) where it didn’t rain at all, and not just thunderstorms; sometimes overnight downpours. Didn’t amount to more water than normal, but the distribution is very unusual.

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