Below freezing in all 50 states

Cold from coast-to-coast, with temperatures running some 10 to 20 degrees below average for much of the week, according to

Then, a weekend storm “is expected to bring a widespread wintry mess of snow, sleet and freezing rain through parts of the nation’s southern tier and possibly the East Coast,” the Weather Channel warns.

What the storm does after that is still up in the air.

7 thoughts on “Below freezing in all 50 states”

  1. September 2018 marked the 20th anniversary of deviant Warmists’ so-called “pause” in rising global average surface temperatures (GAST).

    Dating from 1978, the nominal 20-year uptrend was in fact a cyclical “amplitude compression” effect of warming/cooling episodes from the end of Earth’s 500-year Little Ice Age (LIA) from AD 1350 to 1850/1890: Fifty years from 1890 – 1939; forty years from 1940 – 1979; then thirty years to 2009, and currently twenty years from 2010 to 2029.

    Entering on a 70+ year Grand Solar Minimum similar to that of 1645 – 1715,
    hyper-politicized catastrophists confront the fact that –“pause” be damned– moderate cooling has now outlasted their spuriously “adjusted” tepid phase.

    Given the historical record of such cooling episodes –recall the savage famine from 1693 – ’96 that reduced Northern Europe’s population by two-thirds from Scotland to the Polar Urals–
    Warmists’ hysterical sabotage of global energy economies becomes a literally genocidal exercise.

  2. Yup, totally believable despite what the weather forecasters are saying. Right this minute I’m seeing large fluffy white stuff coming down, rapidly… but if you go to Accuweather they are claiming it’s above freezing and that it’s raining right now.

    OK, so does this mean the knew fake news story is that fluffy white stuff falling from the sky is called “rain”??

    • OH, then the Hollywood Leftist need to get some blankets and warm tents down there, with some PROPANE GAS heaters, too, for all the future Americans longing to rush the border……………

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