Below zero in Kuwait – And rain in the desert

10 Jan 2019 – Al-Khaled – “On Friday after next, it will be very cold and temperatures in some areas will reach below zero, while in the middle of the month there will be rain,” said Al-Mughrad, a meteorologist in Kuwait.

He added: “You have a standard response in the history of the region, and you can easily take the car with frozen oil.”

Thanks to Argiris Diamantis for this link

“ doesn’t work very well in translating from Arabic,” says Argiris, “but we understand that Al-Mughrad, a meteorologist from Kuwait, is predicting below zero temperatures in Kuwait for next week. And rain in the desert.

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  1. Robert, Thomson Reuters had a VERY interesting article out today about the shifting northern magnetic pole:
    Also here:
    It’s moving at a rate of 30 miles (50 km) per year and is now out in the Arctic Ocean headed towards Russia after being near the Canadian coast for a looooong time. The rate of movement is what caught my attention: forty years at 50 km/yr is 2000 km, or 1200 miles. That’s no small hiccup to ignore, and makes me wonder what possible oceanic, atmospheric, or climatic couplings might exist because of the shifting in the planetary iron core.

    • With the body bags the women “volunteer” to wear, they don’t need any more clothing to keep warm.

      Just use thicker wool for their wrap-around bed sheets they “volunteer”, as equals, to wear.

      Now that France, Sweden, and Germany are controlled by Islam, the “womyn” of Europe can now wear insulated, wool, body bags too !!!

      And they wonder why the “ugly American” had odd laws back in the 50’s?

      • In Saudi, those all-covering black garments are most commonly black polyester. Not something that will keep a person warm.

        The ones who dressed so warmly when it was 10C (50F) were typically Pakistani laborers. The Saudis were back in their offices sipping tea and reading the newspapers.

  2. Typical for – the video on the page is pure science fiction alarmism !

    But worse than that it makes claims that the meeting in Poland resolved funding issues with the world bank providing $200 billion in climate funding.

    Where they get the money for that is beyond anyone’s comprehension – the $100 billion a year fund hasn’t raised anything like even a quarter of the first years $100 billion and with the US not contributing much to either the “green” fund or the world bank anymore the talk of these figures is fiction – but that doesn’t faze the alarmists at all.

    The countries expecting the “free” money are really worried though – there isn’t any money and given the reaction to a 25 cent increase in fuel in France there won’t be any either !

  3. Spent sometime at Camp Bucca just over the Kuwaiti border back in aught 4 whilst in service to the nation.
    They call it “The Devil’s Frying Pan”.
    Scorching hot most of the time.
    Coldest it go in winter was around 40F.
    This is odd.

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