Bernie supporter treats Trump better than do many members of the GOP

Calls other GOP leadership mundane, passive, and sometimes petulant.

Camille Paglia – Courtesy Wikipedia

“I fail to see the “chaos” in the White House that the mainstream media (as well as conservative Never Trumpers) keep harping on —or rather, I see no more chaos than was abundantly present during the first six months of both the Clinton and Obama administrations,” says author Camille Paglia.

Professor Paglia, a registered Democrat who voted for Bernie Sanders, actually has some very kind words about the President.

“Trump seems to be methodically trying to fulfill his campaign promises, notably regarding the economy and deregulation—the approaches to which will always be contested in our two-party system,” says Paglia. “His progress has thus far been in stops and starts, partly because of the passivity, and sometimes petulance, of the mundane GOP leadership.”

In this article (link below) Paglia admits that she initially did not take Trump’s candidacy seriously. She then provides a scathing – and spot on – review of the other candidates, showing why they deserved to lose.

“Donald Trump won the nomination fair and square against a host of serious, experienced opponents who simply failed to connect with a majority of GOP primary voters,” says Paglia.

I think you will enjoy this article. Paglia’s writing is a joy to read.

9 thoughts on “Bernie supporter treats Trump better than do many members of the GOP

  1. Rinos Ryan and McConnel have to lose their leadership roles. Only then, can trump execute his agenda.

  2. Good article by Paglia. She called AGW an unsupported myth, and exposed the red tape responsible for delaying development in the USA. I have personal experience of years-long delays in getting government permits in South Africa. Wish our government will wake up and follow Trump’s example in demolishing bureaucracy opposing economic development.

  3. All of the GOP losers have a bad case of sour grapes.

    They spent the 2 years of presidential nomination campaigning attacking Trump as a dangerous imbecile and then he had the gall to win !

    Who looks like the fools now ?

    And how dare a failed nobody like McCain come to my country to urge us to commit suicide by provoking China ??

    The Republicans are a bunch of lazy nobodies with few exceptions.

    Outside of his stance on climate I have little in common with Trump but I respect his determination to overcome the hate fest the media threw at him to win.

    Hilary allowed her serial womanizer husband to lie about sex with unpaid “children” to Congress investigators so Trump is at least no worse than that.

    Clinton lied under oath in an investigation and yet the media is attempting to create a storm over some story that Russia “hacked” the election ?

    What the hell does that mean anyway ?

    Are your computer systems so open that a foreign hacker can determine an election result ?

    I’d be ashamed to even admit that was a slight possibility even if true !

    Or did Russians write the headline stories about Hilary and force Comey to talk about it ?

    It is about time the US grew up and accepted that Hilary destroyed her own campaign by threatening to put people out of work to support a myth !

    There was no need to even mention climate at all – who else were the climate loonies going to vote for anyway ?

    • hi Rosco,yeah ditto re mc cain, but then we DO have an ex(never are) goldbags sux man slid in to lead(or not) we have the get up avaaz and soros funded loonytunes and labor all pally.
      the reds under beds pschyotic fearmongering iin ussa is bloody funny
      and as for vote rigging
      their upset cos their own rigging still didnt win for em;-) lol
      i noted their recount and double checking turned up most dud and dead people voting IN clintons states.
      bummers behind a lot of the bullshit carry on now and the foul hillarious the rest of it.
      little good will it do the pair of them! pox on both their houses!

  4. Paglia is worth listening to (if you can keep up with her. Her manner of speaking has been compared to Woody Woodpecker). Paglia, a gay woman, has also said that a culture that does not celebrate heroic masculinity is in decline, and in danger of falling to culture that does.

    • “a culture that does not celebrate heroic masculinity is in decline”
      Paglia hit the nail on the head here. I am female and I have gotten sick to the core of the way beneficial male virtues are denigrated by the loony left. Modern day feminists are just a wing of left wing marxism and I have nothing but contempt for them. Women bring many beneficial things to a culture but men are absolutely essential to maintain and defend that culture. A man whose opinion I agree with says that “Women and children may be the garden, but men are the fence”.

      It is a good analogy. Weaken the fence and the garden disappears.

  5. Robert,

    Did you note Camille Paglia’s quote on global warming? Here it is: “It is certainly ironic how liberals who posture as defenders of science when it comes to global warming (a sentimental myth unsupported by evidence) flee all reference to biology when it comes to gender.”

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