Bert Dohmen Warns “Forget Global Warming – The True Danger may be Global Cooling”

The term “Global Warming” was changed to “Climate Change” when scientific evidence emerged, and then intentionally suppressed, that a long term period of “global cooling” may be ahead.
– Bert Dohmen


Bert Dohmen Warns “Forget Global Warming – The True Danger may be Global Cooling”

Founder of Dohmen Capital Research Group
22 Feb 2021

“The ultimate ignorance is the rejection of something you know nothing about yet refuse to investigate.” ― Dr. Wayne Dyer

Because of the winter storm disaster in Texas and some other states, and the “global warming” crowd telling us it is the result of not doing enough with “green energy,” I want to give you my thoughts on the subject, citing my research over the years.

In our latest Wellington Letter (published February 21, 2021), we commented on the latest storm:

The power outages: Everyone knows about the winter storm that knocked out power for days in Texas. The news has been monopolized over the past several days. People are freezing and stores are empty. It’s bad enough to have no power and no heat for many nights and days, but now other people who had power are getting their electrical bills. According to one article:

“One man whose average bill was around $660 per month, now got a bill for $17,000. estimated that to charge a Tesla would cost a person $900 [during the storm].”

This is the price paid for using an inefficient source of power, namely windmills. Aside from creating mountains of unrecyclable used blades, they are additionally killing millions of birds. How can this possibly be called “green?”

Uranium is now being promoted as a “clean” alternative again. But they still don’t have a method to dispose of used uranium fuel in a safe way. They best they can do is bury it underground and let future generations solve the problem.

Solar is the one true “green” alternative energy source, as I said in a debate with my high school science teacher more than half a century ago. If only half the money spent on bad “green” energy, like windmills, micro-algae, and other far-fetched ideas, were spent on solar research and efficient storage of electrical energy, the advances would have been much greater.

(End of Wellington Letter excerpt)

The term “Global Warming” was changed to “Climate Change” when scientific evidence emerged, and then intentionally suppressed, that a long term period of “global cooling” may be ahead. It could last perhaps 11 years, but could last as long over 30 years or more according to NASA.

NASA’s research showed that the world may be starting a long period of “cooling” based on scientific evidence regarding diminishing sun spots, which is a sign of diminished energy output from the sun. This comes at a time that the science ignorami of the world have protest marches against global warming. Are the protests directed against the sun?

Link:  Amidst Global Warming Hysteria, NASA Expects Global Cooling – Mike Shedlock (

Why should investors be concerned about this topic? Because whether there is global warming or global cooling is very important; it can help forecast the areas of the economy, and the geographic regions of the world, that will outperform or underperform. Since governments and the masses are usually totally wrong in predicting disasters, we decided some years ago to gather evidence that Al Gore’s war on the climate was a hoax. When politicians go to such an extreme effort to convince the people of something, you can be sure that the only motive is MONEY.

If the evidence we have gathered from sources such as NASA, and if “global cooling” could be the true long term problem, we have to consider the enormous effect on the economies of the world.

With shorter growing seasons for farmers, there will be huge crop shortages. These already started several years ago. Agricultural prices will have a very big, long term up-move. Here is the chart of the ETF for agricultural prices, DBA: (Link to chart)

DBA had a 10 year bear market. If cooling becomes more evident, there will be a rush to restock inventories. China has been a huge buyer of agricultural products. Do their scientists know more than our politicians? Highly likely!

Climate change is a long-term change. You don’t say the earth is getting hot just because last week there was a heat wave somewhere. There are about 8 billion people in the world. Imagine how long-term food shortages would affect them? There will be many other shortages of commodities as the world has to adjust to the new reality.

Shortages produce much higher prices especially when it comes to essential food. Higher inflation triggers immense changes in the economies and the behavior of people. That affects prices of investments. Look at the changes produced by a coronavirus, which is similar to the flu virus. The problem was not the virus, but politicians reacting to it and using it to promote their own programs. The slogan is: “Never let a crisis go to waste.”

The billions of people who cannot pay the higher prices will die, or resort to theft in order to eat. But if store shelves are empty, there is not much to steal. The social upheaval will be significant. Read about the last mini-ice age that lasted 75 years in the Middle Ages.

International renowned futurist and investment analyst Bert Dohmen, founder of Dohmen Capital Research group, has astounded investors for 45 years with the accuracy of his forecasts.

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  1. For sure, commodity prices will increase under the current Administration regardless of short term trends in climate. It’s likely true the upward pressures in cost will also be driven by weather. Here in the Midwest farming belt, we’ve seen a series of years that reduce the “effective” growing season due to rain in the Spring and rain in the fall accompanied by cooler temperatures.
    Fact is, modern ag cannot function without sufficient dry periods allowing the huge equipment access to the fields. Thus a contracting “effective” growing season. So far, farmers can “work around the weather” with GMO crops.
    The point is watch the length of the growing season and the seed varieties planted requirements for germination AND time to maturity if one is to attempt to predict shortages due to climate.
    As mentioned at the start, the current Administration in DC will substantially drive up energy costs which will effect virtually every step of Ag from prep to plant to reap.

    • You are so right! Although weather and other natural factors will have some part in causing inflation and an upward ‘tick’ in prices, by far the greatest impact will be from this administration. Here in Arizona, we saw that first hand with gas prices shooting up 25 cents on average after the inauguration. Since then, prices have gone up another 35 cents or so and there seems to be no end in sight. The weather situation in Texas didn’t help but this is just the beginning.
      We also are seeing electricity rate hikes, food prices going up and items that were readily available all of a sudden having stocking issues. This administration will divide this country even more based on gender, age, wealth and other socioeconomic variables along with political and religious beliefs. We are in for a tough four years and we may never recover.
      They push solar extremely hard here and they basically make it so that you can pay nothing for the first ten years and you get massive subsidies. However, what they don’t tell you is that the local grids and interconnects can only handle so much solar and there are limits to how many rooftop solar installations are allowed per neighborhood. It is a ponzi scheme and you either buy in while you can or get left out in the cold paying for everyone else. As the saying goes, it will only get worse from here.

  2. Even if you account for the increased focus by sites like yours on ‘real’ climate change, the number of weather anomalies, and the uptick in both seismic and volcanic activity, cannot be explained away as random! Every day for the past several years now, real data is countering the ‘global warming’ spin as a lie, while steadily reinforcing the science that asserts these events are cyclical because climate is cyclical and so are the ebbs and flows of our solar system/universe, that are the real beating heart that sustains us or wipes us out! Man might be able to nuke humanity into extinction, but does not influence natural forces!

  3. By “the last mini-Ice Age that lasted 75 years in the Middle Ages”, we assume DB means the 6-cycle (66 year) Grand Solar Minimum from AD 1350 to 1416, similar to the 70-year Maunder Minimum from 1645 to 1715, when over a third of Northern European populations perished of famine and disease from Scotland to the Polar Urals.

    For the record, Earth’s 500-year Medieval Warm from c. AD 850 ended 12,250 + 3,500 – 14,400 = AD 1350, coincident with Kamchatka’s strato-volcano Kambalny eruption plus the end of Earth’s 12,250-year Holocene Interglacial Epoch with a 500-year Little Ice Age (LIA) through AD 1850/1890. (Continental ice-sheets melted by 14,400 YBP, followed by the 1,500 year Younger Dryas impact-volcanic “cold Shock” from 11,950 to 10,450 YBP.)

    Following a 140-year “amplitude compression” LIA rebound through 2030, odds are we face an 8-cycle (88 year) Super-Grand Solar Minimum through AD 2108, hastening the onset of a cyclical 102-kiloyear Pleistocene re-glaciation, a geophysical (plate-tectonic) vs. climate-weather phenomenon occurring regular-as-clockwork from late Pliocene times 3.6+ million YBP.

    In context, over 638 million years from Earth’s Cryogenian (“Snowball Earth”) Period, plate tectonics also drove the sole global glaciation –a non-recurrent 1.4 million year Paleozoic (Ordovician) episode, 445.2 – 443.8 YBP– as the bulk of Pangaea’s fragmenting super-continent drifted to Antarctic regions.

    Re-iterating this chronology, attested by astro-geophysical circumstance over, lo! two centuries, we always hear: “What’s new?” Alas for humankind’s 7.75 billion teeming souls, “what new” is that 60%+ of this blue marble’s habitable landmasses will shortly lie under ice-sheets two miles thick.

    • What a sweet message for the blood sucking real estate market. Totally shameless they are and will be.

      • Given that Earth’s plate tectonic dispositions will have rendered post-Holocene milieus north of Capricorn, south of Cancer, uninhabitable within a millennium or two, is latter-day high-tech, Western-driven civilization doomed?

        Although even short-term post-organic growth-and-change is beyond imagination, we think not. Of necessity, contemporary prognoses recall AD 1900’s projections for 2000, absent quantum theory and Relativity; scientific medicine, mass-produced aircraft-
        autos-rocketry, radio-TV and DNA; info-tech and bio-engineering.

        Whatever ChiCom satraps, Dark Age Islamists, grisly police-surveillance apparats pretend, Anglo-European socio-cultural dynamics from c. AD 1600 render Greco-Roman, Judaeo-Christian trajectories unstoppable. In practice, this means that, following sentient “cloud minds” Singularity c. 2030, Pareto and Pournelle’s “upper quintile” will remove en masse off Planet Earth to vast intrasolar terrafugia analogous to Italy’s late-medieval city-states, a fecund spectrum of independent yet cohesive polities drifting ever-outward to the stars.

        Statistics indicate that standard-mass galaxies such as the Milky Way surface some three Advanced Extraterrestrial Civilizations (AETCs) every million years, so that inter-galactic super-cultures lasting 250 kiloyears rarely if ever overlap. Yet even at this rate, one hyperlinked AETC per three-million galaxies co-exists with others quantum-telesponding the cosmos’ eternal Present in like-kind. What happens when Capt. Cook’s wind-driven oaken frigate meets Adm. Nimitz’s fast-carrier Naval Air task-forces?– we shall see.

    • The fact of the matter is the LIA lasted 700 years from the Start of the Wolf GSM 1285 though Spoorer and then Maunder, and finished with the Dalton GSM 1780 to 1820
      Between each Cold GSM period the700 year period was equally blessed with cold 80 years Gleissberg periods. Following the normal cycle of GSM, Gleissberg 80 yr Period and ending the 172 year cycle with a 60 yrs Solar Tepid Period.
      Spoorer was the longer lasting of the Deep GSM period with Maunder shorter but deeper in energy output. During this entire period Meridional Jet Stream and Coronial Hole activity leading to SAW event reversed the European prevailing winds for months at a time, leading to Winter Frost fairs on the Thames which ended with the building of the Embankments in 1835.
      9,400 years of cosmic radiation and solar activity from ice cores and tree rings

  4. I believe E. M. Smith “Chiefio” extensively delved into what crop varieties might be substituted, given a growing season shortened by a month or more from our prior decades of experience. The upshot was an estimate of perhaps a 25% curtailment of production per acre.

    11May2015 : 12Nov2019 :

  5. The Uranium fuel bundles housed in water cooled storage pools retains 95% of fuel content, plus various Actinides and decay products.

    A proper isotope of chloride salt, for a molten-salt reactor, can run with the fast-neutron-spectrum reaction and burn plutonium and actinides as they are generated. The residue for disposal is reduced by 98%.

    One estimate is that the used nuclear fuel in storage could sustain the new power generation designs for three to five decades, without resorting to breeder reactor designs.

  6. Knowledge is Power/Ignorance is Bliss – you decide.

    There will always be a major distortion between what you know, what you will be able to communicate and what people will then comprehend.

    Ignorance is bliss” is only a portion of the entire statement made by Thomas Gray in his poem. In fact, he clearly states: WHERE ignorance is bliss, ’tis folly to be wise.

    … noted from above [can’t ever get the ‘Erroneous Zones’ too fixed or get too ‘No-Limit’ minded] … Dyer really was a major fork in the road a long time ago.
    “The ultimate ignorance is the rejection of something you know nothing about yet refuse to investigate.” ― Dr. Wayne Dyer [Wayne starts with a ‘W’… so what does the W in an RWF rhyme with Wilbur or Winston;)?]

    … or the the short version [and a long time favorite when trying to “communicate” with zombies]…

    Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance.

    … but that logos never… ever… works though… ’cause zombies is foe-ev-ah… and thas why they made them stop-pahs.

  7. Pretty sure it’s global COOLING not warming as I’ve been telling people for a long, long time now. What I’m not sure about is how long it will last. Will it be a “mini ice age” or a long term one? I think it’s anyone’s guess. Our present warming period began about 14k-12k years ago and in that brief time civilization developed as we know it today.

    Crop failure and famine will no doubt accompany a new dawning ice age and that spells trouble for most of the world population. Along with famine comes disease and that spells even more trouble, sadly. As noted above even NASA has warned about the possibility of a returning glaciation and, yet, their warning was drowned out by the global warming crowd. That may be to our own demise unfortunately.

    Some of my relatives live in Texas and they all have horrendous stories about the ice storm last week. Many were ill prepared for it in terms of water, food, etc. They didn’t think it would be as bad and long as it was. Others had power through the entire time and now they have their electric bills which are in the 1000s of dollars for one month. Astounding!

    What bothers me most about this issue is that we have not been prepared for any cooling that is coming. Instead we have all been herded like cattle into the global warming pen…..well many but not all. I do not find this surprising at all as humans tend to believe a lie that makes them comfortable rather than the truth that scares the heck out of them just thinking about it. And we humans kind of have a herd mentality even if it means going off the cliff with the leader of the pack, unfortunately.

    I think the day is soon coming when we will wish we had more nuclear power plants and coal plants but, then, it will be TOO LATE. Perhaps when the next warming period dawns those who come after us will have leaders who care more about PEOPLE than their own greed. Perhaps.

  8. I’m looking for the next Microsoft of 1986. It could be in warmth, or electricity.

    The Apache Indian tribe in NM has made a bid to bury all the US nuclear waste for a fee. The US bailed, it was too practical.

    I’m looking at those little nuclear plants that supply a city of about 250,000. No real infrastructure to speak of. It’s all politics after that… but this would be fantastic if approved. If only I could figure out what and when to buy!

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