“Best use of a camel I’ve ever seen”

Video only 38 seconds long. It’s in Khazakstan last Sunday.

Thanks to Stephen Bird for this video

“Best use of a camel I’ve ever seen,” says Stephen.

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  1. Fortunately camels are more resistent to cold than dromedaries.
    Interesting fact: it seems lately Russians are more interested to launch satellites from Kourou, in french Guyana, than from Baikonur in Khazakstan. Why? Maybe ice age will reach Guyana later than Khazakstan?

  2. Off topic but why isn’t this video everywhere in the media ?

    Biden admits he blackmailed Ukraine to protect his son in a TV presentation.


    Why has this been excluded from the Televised senate hearings ?

    I hope enough US voters support Trump or we’re all stuffed.

    The Demolosers have behaved like spoiled children over losing the 2016 election and all of their “stars” are insane over climate ?

    And the media are nothing more than propaganda – something the left hated when they were at the receiving end.

    These last four years have scared me – people have become insane and hysterical all the while the media is rooting for mass hysteria – no longer reporting facts at all !

    It is Germany in the 1930’s all over the world this time – soon the bullies will be armed in the streets enforcing compliance – except brown is no longer fashionable but red druid type robes are.

    Heaven help us. VOTE !

  3. I don’t know about the camel or the snow, but that Russian Babe, with that accent, is really getting to me….I would love to hear her say: “You will do what I say, You will behave. You will cooperate. I have ways to make you obey” …..Damn

  4. Back to basics?

    If or when the climate takes a dramatic downturn horse power will be the order of the day and I don’t mean what’s under the bonnet (hood) of your car.

  5. Best use of a camel bombshell I’ve ever seen, all you crazy Captain Obvious Robert(s) and all the “Ice Age Right Now and Ahead” guys, for those with eyes/ears. Love you guys, Kell-Belly xoxo

    You’re all about as “straight-shooting” as Jimmy Buffett the way I see it, you silly geniuses.

  6. During one of the big oil crises they had no fuel for the diesel railroad engines so they pulled a couple of their old coal burning steam engines out and hauled freight in the Midwest.

  7. Clicked the next vidoe after the camel, got this. It looks the mess in Kazakhstan. Here’s the Google translation of the description:

    Channel One Eurasia
    1.43M subscribers
    The weather continues to test the strength of Kazakhstan. In the capital and the surrounding areas over the past 5 days it has precipitated 3 times more than normal. The strongest snowstorms paralyzed the movement in 9 regions at once, more than 750 people managed to evacuate from snowdrifts in the last 24 hours alone, but the rescuers could not reach many. My colleague Svetlana Penkova has all the details.


    • You may find an upside to this Russian Grand Solar Minimum Winter, That snow melts, the water has to go somewhere, either is flows to the north taking its CO2 load with it, and recharges the returning leg of the Overturning current with its full load of sequestrated CO2 water for its 500 yrs treak to the bottom of the Pacific water colum, or it drains towards the Aral Sea, or what left of it following the warming part of the Gleiberg period after 1920 and the whole of the Modern Solar Warm Period from 1940 to 2008.
      CO2 as a water soluble gas has its own solar monderated cycle, separate from the million(s) year Plant carbon sequestration cycle.

  8. Quick Dick McDick sent me the above link after seeing my earlier post. Says they’re using this same technology on the Globalist Explorer Rig #2 down in the Philippines.

  9. I’m not sure what is worse, that they can’t show the plastic island in the Pacific Ocean the size of Texas, because it doesn’t exist and they don’t want anyone to know.

    Or, that they won’t show evidence of global cooling, because it, clearly, does exist and they don’t want anyone to know.

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