Beware of the total state control of your children… again

French kids return to post-COVID-19 schools that are run more like indoctrination camps

Kafkaesque rules and regulations aimed even at 3- to 5-year-olds

A system of surveillance and denunciation openly encourages school personnel to trace “sectarian deviance” or talk of “conspiracy theories” regarding the COVID-19 crisis and its management by public authorities.

The second document bears the title “COVID-19 and risks of sectarian deviance,” and speaks even more clearly about a possible change in students’ attitudes because of “exterior or family influence.”

Taken together, the two sets of guidelines will establish a clear framework in which teachers in public schools and in state-funded private schools are encouraged to even report families they suspect are questioning official propaganda on the coronavirus pandemic.

In other words: thought police.

Thanks to Winston Smith for these links