Beware the pronouncement ‘the science is settled’ – It’s the spirit of the Inquisition

Lights Out

For yonks they waged a war on coal
And painted miners black;
They threw explorers on the dole
And shut the gates outback.
The land was closed to oil and gas
And nukes were always banned;
While wind and sun got all the brass
And uglified the land.
Poles and turbines all in ranks
Sprouted on the hills;
The carbon credits pleased the banks
And households got the bills.
Then all the factories fled offshore
As puny power flickered;
More jobs were lost for evermore
As politicians dickered.
Then one still night the lights went out
And blackouts stalked the land;
The pollies quickly turned about
And Greens were spurned and banned.


Beware the pronouncement, “the science is settled”.
It’s the spirit of the Inquisition. – Tony Abbott

“Daring to Doubt”
by Tony Abbott:

“Climate change is by no means the sole or even the most significant symptom of the changing interests and values of the West. Still, only societies with high levels of cultural amnesia could have made such a religion out of it. Beware the pronouncement, “the science is settled”. It’s the spirit of the Inquisition, the thought-police down the ages. Almost as bad is the claim that “99 per cent of scientists believe” as if scientific truth is determined by votes rather than facts.”
–Tony Abbott, 2017 Annual GWPF Lecture, London 9 October 2017 -and-flounder/


 “Escaping the Renewable Energy Trap”
by Alan Moran:

“The Paris Agreement”
by President Donald Trump
What he really said.

Serious Defects in Australia’s Energy Policies

A group of retired senior engineers challenge Australia’s bi-partisan energy foolishness. See:


Thanks to Viv Forbes and Hans Schreuder for these links
Thanks to Steve Hunter for permission to use his cartoons

4 thoughts on “Beware the pronouncement ‘the science is settled’ – It’s the spirit of the Inquisition

  1. Tony Abbott is being demonised by the left MSM and the usual suspects in Australia.
    They are using excerpts of the full speech to ridicule him.

    The reality is that the people are starting to wake up to the real possibility of blackouts starting this summer plus the outrageous increases of all energy costings.

    The current federal government is starting to react to the outrage of those who are paying the energy bills. The government opposition rant and rage against the government reaction but know where there bread is buttered.

    I suggest that within a few years in Australia a real backlash against the greens will arise.

    The conservatives are starting to watch in alarm as support for radical right parties is rising and taking voting away.

  2. Tony Abbott is being demonised by the left

    The left is an authority on demons as they support and practice the doctrines and deeds of devils. Otherwise how do you explain the bloody revolutionary history of the world since the 1600s? Tony might want to stay away from the leftists for his own good.

    • There is a significant difference between the English 1st Republic and the rights of electorate and the parliament their representatives meet in, as opposed to the Kings “God” given rights steal the land from the people and give it to political cronies, not much different in Zimbabwe with its elected King.
      And the following French revolution which has given rise to various forms of Socialism and the 200 years of armed conflict since.
      Socialism descends into the personality cult, it’s in their nature to become more extreme as time goes by to stay in power at any cost, eventually the electorate which voted them into power becomes redundant

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