Biden’s “Green Swindle”

Most of the “Green jobs” will be in other countries.

Biden’s “Green Swindle”

By Marcus

Biden’s “Green Swindle” depends heavily on Rare Earth’s. China is the main exporter of all Rare Earth’s. The not-so-friendly Chinese can boycott the exports any time they don’t “Get their way”!

Furthermore, I don’t believe there are enough Rare Earth’s available to complete even 50% of all the needed “Green” energy and electric vehicles. As these metals get rarer, the costs will increase as well.

I calculate that the USA would need about 7 billion 300-watt solar panels located in the desert southwest just to meet the power needs we now use.

Will there be enough metals for all these panels let alone the electric vehicles? — I don’t think so!

For more information see:

As for the “Good paying jobs”, most of the “Green jobs” will be in other countries while only a slim number of “Good paying jobs” will be in America.

Installing solar panels does not require major education, therefore installers will be lucky to receive more than minimum wage. Is that one of Biden’s reasons for opening the border? (Cheap labor)

In the end, I see the USA broke with $100’s of trillions of debt that our great, great, great grand children will still be paying (Slaving to pay) for the “Green Swindle” that died 100 plus years ago!



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    • And that’s only for 8-9 hours per day best case scenario . What do we do for the next 16 hours . And 13,000,000,000 solar panels requires at least 5000 sq.miles of land or about a big as The Bahamas !

  1. Once again, thank you, Robert.

    I was reading a piece about Morocco’s plan to install solar in the desert. The writer questioned if the solar would create more heat than the CO2 reduced due to the solar panels being much darker than the surrounding area of sand. Most know that a white painted roof reflects light and is much cooler than a dark colored roof. Obviously, the solar panels will get hot and pass that heat to the air thereby warming the atmosphere.
    The best location in the USA is both parts of Hawaii and the desert southwest. The desert southwest is light colored, but millions or billions of panels will turn the area much darker causing higher temperatures in that area that will spread throughout the world. I wonder how much harm to plants and animals this extra heat could cause let alone the destruction of all plants and animals where these panels reside. Seems like an ecological nightmare in the making!

    • As far as I read, no one cares about environmental issues of solar pannels. It’s green, thus good. Simply, as usual.

  2. china will be selling even LESS RE as theyve just released some cheap5K or so leccy cars into their home markets.
    and theyre rather peeved at the withdrawals of semiconductors from usa(yay Donald) which has seriously affected all vehicles phones and other products supply.
    yes inc apple plants ( roflmao)

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