Big fat global warming lies

So many failed predictions that I have lost count.


Big fat global warming lies

By Jbird

Nearly 67 years ago this summer I traveled on vacation with my parents to Glacier National Park. I celebrated my 5th birthday at the park. The park was beautiful, but I remember distinctly feeling disappointed that I couldn’t see any glaciers anywhere.

I remember asking a park ranger, “Where are the glaciers?” I knew exactly what a Glacier was, since it had been carefully explained by my parents, and I was excited to see one. The park ranger said that the park had been essentially named for the glacial features that had been left carved in the rock a long time in the past. At the time of the visit (August, 1952) there only remained glacial remnants, best viewed on back country hikes, and it had been that way from the time the park had been founded.

The story that the glaciers have disappeared from the park only in recent years due to global warming is a big, fat lie that has been told by the climate-change crowd along with so many other lies and failed predictions that I have lost count.

Want proof? I have the extensive collection of my father’s Kodachrome, color slides taken of the park with his trusty, Exacta 35mm SLR camera. The park looked basically the same then as it does now.

7 thoughts on “Big fat global warming lies”

  1. hi Jbird, yours are the stories that need to be told and the pics seen widely !! theyre relying on the under 50s and the present gens short attention spans, to try n bluff n bullshit their memes and fear camapigns. actual proof from people who were there before pics got photoshopped;-) are pure gold for us who are fighting back.
    the unprecendented/not in living memory claims fall over when us oldies speak up, who DO Remember:-)

  2. They keep telling lies because you can fool all of the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time.

    Perhaps this is a form of natural selection at work. The most credulous will be the least prepared. The ability to judge the motives of others is a survival characteristic.

    So is the ability to shift paradigm when necessary. Just because something has been so all of your life does not mean it will be so tomorrow.

    Many humans are adaptable, but many are not. Some would rather die than change their minds, their habits or their address.

  3. I saw where they have taken the signs down saying thered be no more glaciers by 2020! OOPS! bad prediction.

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