Big snowfalls for Australia

Especially this late in the year.

96cm (37 inches) at Thredbo in last 7 days

60cm (24 inches) at Perisher in last 2-3 days

Thanks to Doug Mc for these links

“And then there is the jet stream shift to happen this weekend back to little ice age conditions (going closer to equater as forecast by Piers Corbyn),” says Doug.

7 thoughts on “Big snowfalls for Australia”

  1. Say, remind me of two things, please:

    1. Did they not spend much of last year saying that hot summer would lead to cold winters?

    2. Did you guys not have a Cold summer just ahead of this cold winter?

    Climate Realists want to know!

    • I live in South Australia.
      We had a cool summer, but apart from a cold snap in June, have not considered this winter unusually cold.

  2. There was not anything last year that “they” did not say was not caused by Global Warmning – floods, droughts, rain, no rain, storms, no storms, snow, no snow, heat waves, cold waves, whatever.

    This is called an unfalsifiable hypothesis. As an idea Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming is not a scientific idea. It is a quasi religious one. It is good for research grants and massive money transfer by the banking and government sector from the general masses to themselves.

    I like this site because it is one of the few places that will report the “other” sort of weather observations that the MSM will not report.

  3. We’ve had two cool summers in a row in fact. The summer before last in Melbourne, there were only 3 days over 35(Celsius). Last summer anytime we had a few days over 35 the newspapers all squealed ‘heatwave’.

  4. cooler summer cant say cold. the rains were real late, farmers started dry paid off:-)
    somewhat irregular but decent rains since, personally while we have had some cold grey wet days and a few fogs n frosts I cant say winters been that cold.
    an Avocado seedling hasnt lost it leaves..which means it is not that cold.
    really looking like a magnificent year for crops:-)
    of course we have a while yet the usual risks of heavy rains at the wrong time, locusts and mice..rust etc etc.
    but so far? its looking very good.

  5. summer was cool in sydney too,I liked that.

    Tough I dont think this wintwer has been any colder than normal.We have had few frosts. I live 50 km inland from the coast at around 150m elevation and we always have afew frosts each year.

    I know other parts fo australia in the last 2 years have had some record or near recored cold.

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