7 thoughts on “Biggest lead yet

  1. Considering the implicit media bias for Democrats, it is likely the actual Trump lead is twice that.

    However the Clinton fraud machine is quite capable of stealing more than 10% of the vote in California, as was done to Bernie. Before the primary, Bernie rallies were outdrawing Clinton’s by orders of magnitude. Likewise, I think that Trump will receive more actual votes, but Clinton has the fraud advantage. It will be interesting to see who “wins”.

  2. The polls are fudged to show Hillary being more likeable than she really is, that must has been exposed, Trump is way ahead.

  3. This is a national poll which includes places like Texas where he is sure to win. Battleground states are still tied. Best solution to bring climate/energy sanity to Washington is to VOTE on Tuesday.

  4. Clinton Nationally 4 points ahead. The Hispanic vote Obama wanted to build to fundamentally change America is working. Thus any place where the Hispanic vote causes a demographic change should be manually recounted and votes verified for their illegibility and legal status. If they can’t be verified or if votes are from non citizens they should be dropped out of the count.

  5. …so, without all the the dead, illegals, cheating computers, complicit poll workers, foreigners, felons, children, counties turning in 50% more democrat votes than total number of register voters combined, I wonder what her true percentage of legal American voters only would be.

  6. recounts using ballots is now illegal in at least 5 states. and most voting is by machine now which is programed for fraud and can be changed without detection.

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