Biggest Private Coal Miner in US to lay off 80% of workforce due to “Obama’s Ongoing Destruction” 

Could cut as many as 4,400 jobs

According to The Wall Street Journal, Murray Energy Corp., the largest privately held coal miner in the U.S., warned this week that it anticipates “massive workforce reductions in September.”

The company said the potential layoffs were “due to the ongoing destruction of the United States coal industry by President Barack Obama, and his supporters, and the increased utilization of natural gas to generate electricity.”

According to, “the top four miners have lost over $44 billion in market capitalization from their recent peaks in 2011, an astonishing 99.9% decrease in value.”

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“If Trump doesn’t get elected, or the hillbilly team DO, heaven help you all,” says Laurel.

4 thoughts on “Biggest Private Coal Miner in US to lay off 80% of workforce due to “Obama’s Ongoing Destruction” ”

  1. The Dash for Gas and EU Green Anarchist policies completely destroyed the Deep Coal Mining industry in the UK, only a few opencast mines are now operating.
    No matter, the coal is still there to be taped as last resort. The younger, less worn out miners themselves will live much longer, instead of 65, and die within 18 months, due to industrial diseases. The Mine owners will have to invest in other forms of quick, dirty money, and a few less bottles of champagne.
    However, the biggest source of Green Political power in Europe is in Germany, where they have dashed for lignite and closed their Nuclear plants, as well as baning Fracking for Gas, where they have more gas potential than the US has.

    • The Germans and French have been crafty in claiming that CO2 emissions are a common resource – this is where the EU steals your assets such as our fish and gives them to everyone else. In time the EU were going to steal our oil and gas and are already working on a directive to share in times of need as a prelude to taking control. Our idiots – as defined as members of parliament – chose to make things worse for our economy by increased CO2 reduction targets beyond those set by the EU. And because of this the Germans and French say they can reduce their reduction targets.

  2. The destruction of the economy by the global warming crowd laid bare. Of course the 80000 could all get green jobs but then so many of the green companies have gone bankrupt.

  3. Note that does not include the follow-on job losses from other industries such as rail traffic, which has already been devastated (at least in SW VA) by EPA policies.

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