Biggest September rainfall in century drowns Victoria

Wild weather lashes Australia. Another monster deluge on the way, 

Ballarat has been hit with its heaviest rainfalls since 1921 in three just three days.

The town of Beaufort also had its heaviest rainfalls in a 72-hour period since 1911.

Wedderburn endured its wettest three days since 1916, the Bureau of Meteorology reveals.

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  1. I would point every body to this chart:
    This showing La Nena cooling in my view.
    The 2011 globally-averaged precipitation over land was the second wettest year on record, behind 2010. Precipitation varied greatly across the globe. This La Niña contributed to severe drought in East Africa and to Australia’s third wettest year in its 112-year period of records.
    A new La Niña episode developed quite quickly in the eastern and central tropical Pacific in mid-2010,[10] and lasted until early 2011.[11] It intensified again in mid-2011 and lasted until early 2012[12] This La Niña, combined with record-high ocean temperatures in the north-eastern Indian Ocean, has been a large factor in the 2010–2011 Queensland floods,[13] and the quartet of recent heavy snowstorms in North America starting with the December 2010 North American blizzard.

  2. They have been telling us for years to be prepared for more droughts not flooding rains. Here in Victoria we seem to be getting the opposite to what we being told would happen. The Alpine regions were meant to be devoid of snow by now but we seem to be getting better snow falls by the year. I think a lot of people here have woken up to the failed predictions.

  3. The warm period known as “Indian Summer” may be disrupted in Moscow. The cold wave in Moscow is prolonged.
    UltraPolar invasion – Arctic raid air of history in the European part of the north or northeast Russia.
    The average daily temperature is 1-3 degrees below normal.
    It should be noted that even if the Açores Anticyclone, at the end of September, the temperature is already extremely difficult to reach 20ºC. And these values are associated with Indian Summer.
    Google translator.

  4. I disagree, snow layers, which precedes Ice is accompanied by significant rain fall events at lower latitudes and altitudes during the early stages of the climate change from warm and dry to cold and very wet.
    A major Ice advance follows, not precedes major precipitation events at the wrong time of year – normally the two months before spring.
    The old British Rail once coined a climate phrase, “The wrong type of snow”. This referred to the dry powder snow driven on a major easterly flow over the channel, rather than the horrid wet westerly clag snow we normally get and melts quickly due to its high unfrozen water content.
    This period, the next 30 years will perhaps be referred to as a Mini Ice Age similar to the isolated AD600 event. The next Major Ice Advance has at least 700 to 1200 years to run before that starts, and then it will take a Solar Minimum and a disturbance in the Atlantic Ocean warm current to kick it off. As per the Younger Dryas.

  5. More of the world seams to becoming, cloudier, cooler and wetter. .
    The cosmic ray, cloud seeding theory is starting to be noticed in the real world’s weather.

      • @ Squatterman: I believe Simon Ruszczak is referring to Henrik Svensmark and Nigel Calder’s writings in the book “The Chilling Stars: A New Theory of Climate Change’.

        • I never referred any one to any where, but I have watched Henrik, in one part of his cloud theory video he says clouds are caused from cargo ship emissions, and shows all these white streaks in a spread out pattern over the ocean. I find it hard to buy crap like that. Who an where does he get funding from?

  6. beg to differ Igor
    the rains here ARE of interest
    as they show a reversion(we hope) to the far cooler and much wetter historical past.
    unlike goodly chunks of usa aus doent have anything like the land areas where snow is ever recorded..rare/never more the usual.
    well early settlers found out they could run cattle, sheep got fleece n footrot and bad worm issues.
    and cropping was really limited to high ground
    since then ..people have forgotten
    and massive areas are now cropped
    as well as large sheep properties
    if this change to cooler did become ongoing
    a huge drop in food production would occur.

  7. In 2007 Tim Flannery was a significant climate activist and advisor to governments in Australia.

    During the early 2000s significant areas of eastern Australia suffered a period of reduced rainfall. Several major cities had critical water shortages and a few desalination plants were built

    From 2007 comes this quote – “PROFESSOR TIM FLANNERY: We’re already seeing the initial impacts and they include a decline in the winter rainfall zone across southern Australia, which is clearly an impact of climate change, but also a decrease in run-off. Although we’re getting say a 20 per cent decrease in rainfall in some areas of Australia, that’s translating to a 60 per cent decrease in the run-off into the dams and rivers. That’s because the soil is warmer because of global warming and the plants are under more stress and therefore using more moisture. So even the rain that falls isn’t actually going to fill our dams and our river systems, and that’s a real worry for the people in the bush. If that trend continues then I think we’re going to have serious problems, particularly for irrigation.”

    In 2010 welcome rainfalls occurred. In 2011 significant areas of eastern Australia were flooded in torrential downpours.

    Where I live 2011, 2012 and 2013 were very high rainfall years with the 1st 6 months of each year amongst the wettest. Strangely the latter half of each year had below average rainfall but each year had well above average overall.

    Three years later no major capital city has water shortages except perhaps Adelaide but this is not due to lack of rainfall.

    If politicians take notice of alarmism based on nothing – see the quote above – they often waste billions of dollars.

    Queensland’s desalination plant has never contributed water to the supply grid to my knowledge and if it does it is only to keep it operational – it is not needed at all.

    Queensland also wasted more billions building pipelines between reservoirs to channel water to places where the dams are running out of water – trouble is that in the 6 years since the drought broke in 2010 the dams are overflowing regularly.

    Politicians and climate alarmists are ridiculous buffoons who enjoy wasting other people’s money on their pet projects.

    The US is in the fortunate position of losing one ridiculous buffoon –

    “Because if we are willing to work for it, and fight for it, and believe in it, then I am absolutely certain that generations from now, we will be able to look back and tell our children that this was the moment when we began to provide care for the sick and good jobs to the jobless; this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal; this was the moment when we ended a war and secured our nation and restored our image as the last, best hope on Earth.”

    What a deluded ego maniac – heal the sick, turn back the oceans, heal the planet !

    Messiah or King Canute ?

    Don’t elect another!

    • hi Rosco
      you seen the adel tiser this week?
      sa gov is waffling re SIX!!!! geothermals to try n manage to provide power to sa now they shut down 2 powerplants and mothballed others
      and this comes in the same week
      ROFLMAO! that the total FAIL of FlimFlams geothermal up far nth dclared a bankrupt no go epic waste of funds time n efforts
      and adel tiser put the PUBLIC govt announcement behind their paywall

    • Adelaide cancelled water restrictions somewhere around 2008 after significant droughts from the 80’s to 2000’s which also wreaked havok across eastern Aust, the desalination plant came online at the end of that period and has not yet been used.
      There was more rain Saturday but a huge system will strike NSW and VIC this coming Wed/Thursday no doubt breaking the all time record. The article also says Spring rain is not unusual however spring flooding is.

  8. King Canute was a very wise King; his “media” stunt was to disabuse his advisers that he was not Devine, but a man who has NO control over his environment. Kings and indeed failed American Presidents are not Gods able to turn back the tide on command.
    Nor are the self-appointed climate Ologists; they have mistook the 140 cyclic Solar Tide of warmth as permanent, which they can tweak with modifications to the atmosphere by adding or subtracting quantities of a trace gas.
    That tide of solar warmth is now receding, yet billions continue to be wasted on the vocal green minorities with their vested interests which have to be put first at the expense of the Wests workers and the third world’s industrialization to raise them out of poverty and subsistence farming.
    The priority for Western Government for the next thirty years is to provide as much energy capacity as is required, well before the expected surges in energy demand take place without polluting the environment with real pollutants rather than labeling the by-product gas of the Oxygen-Carbon reaction a pollutant which all life on this planet uses to live.
    Without energy the economy stops dead, money and credits become worthless , food is not grown, and billions die, all because an Ologist barked up the wrong 4000 year old tree.

  9. There are now three NATIONAL rainfall records broken this year, May I think it was, July and September …,., even though there is a week still to go. This was mentioned only once in the Media then silence.

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