Bill Gates – I appreciate everything he has done, but . . .

“CO2 IS warming the planet,” says Gates.  We must drop our CO2 emissions to near zero. See video

Honestly, I really do appreciate everything that Bill Gates has done for the world, from dragging us into the computer age to funding education to teaching good nutrition in Third World countries to fighting ebola and aids.

But Bill has been seriously – I mean seriously! – mislead concerning the connection between CO2 and global warming

Look at this chart of just the past 5,000 years.

It was 4°C warmer than today during the Minoan Warm Period, even though fossil fuels had not yet been discovered.

It was 4°C warmer than today during the Roman Warm Period, from about 250 BC to AD 400, even though no carbon-fueled engine powered the Roman chariots.

It was 2°C warmer than today during the Medieval Warm Period, from about 950 to 1250 A.D. when it took a day to travel 30 miles and the roads were covered with horse poop.

It was also about 4°C warmer than today about 7,000 years ago, and again 8,000 years ago, again, most likely with no contribution from humans.

Now look at the CO2 levels during the past 11,000 years (below). Do you see any correlation between CO2 levels and temperature?

Rapid shifts in climate happen regularly with or without any human contribution, and rapid cooling leads to death and destruction.

Please, will someone bring this information to Bill Gates’ attention? He is being conned.



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  1. I do not think the shareholders of IBM appreciated the things Bill Gates and his mother did to them. But hey, mostly pension funds, right.

  2. Runaway CO2 levels? Really? The composition of our atmosphere puts CO2 at 0.05%, while Argon is at nearly 1%. I’m just not seeing their 400ppm panic-mongering as anything to be concerned about.

    “The Center for Disease Control has designated 100,000 ppm of carbon dioxide as life-threatening, or “immediately dangerous to life.”

    Wake me up when it reaches 10,000….

    • Having followed the CO2-debate for two decades, atmospheric CO2 seems to have ‘escalated’ from 390 to about 410 ppm during this period.
      Bill Gates may be excused for his ignorance in scientific matters. There is no excuse for Stephen Hawking, a professor in physics. I have read “The Grand Design”. S.H. was vastly overrated in my opinion.

    • All living organisms are made of CO2. The process involved yields organic matter (sugars Cellulose etc.) and OXYGEN. We breathe and eat because of the CO2 CYCLE!

  3. He is not being conned. He will have placed his bets and will be speaking up for the actions that will bring his bets home in the money….

  4. Trace gas amounting to about .04% of the atmosphere.
    Double it, quadruple it, dectuple it, its still only a trace gas.
    Cut our emissions of it by half, or more, its still only a trace gas.
    For a smart guy he’s not really saying anything intelligent.

  5. Bill Gates does nothing that does not enhance or enrich Bill Gates. He probably cares not one whit about CO2 and likely does not believe that it causes AGW. With his many involvements, it’s difficult to discern the end game, but you can bet it is not altruism.

  6. Don’t ya just love it when a guy that owns multiple homes, airplanes, yachts, and numerous other toys, who uses more power in a day than you do in 10 years, and who made his money using and creating those things that make CO2 tells you what to do?
    I mean don’t ya just love it?

  7. Despicable

    Gates is despicable, what’s new about that? Money doesn’t make you smart; 99% of rich people I encounter are not the sharpest pencils in the pack. What makes you rich is luck or inheritance, and learning to delegate, so other people make you richer and more successful. I was part of the infant computer age in the 1980s when Gates established Microsoft as the ground-floor “platform” for application builders’ “APPS”; based on tightly controlled program assembly codes; he built a business MONOPOLY to destroy Kay-Pro, Zenith, IBM, etc, …there were many.

    Microsoft used cut throat incentive marketing strategies in the early days to make Microsoft a leader. Gates was a lucky person like any person who ever won the Lotto. He doesn’t deserve to be revered for anything other than he was in the right place at the right time and rubbed shoulders with people who were grooming aspects of computers in the 1980s. Bill was an upstart nobody, a NERD, who struck it big; I relate Bill to a wildcat drilling company in the infancy of oil drilling days. He’s not someone to worship as he constantly proves he’s not worthy of decent respect. Gates lost his perspective by using his vast wealth as an arrogant tool to force his skewed views on outcomes.

    Bill Gates should read the Viv Forbes article on December 27th.

    After reading it, scroll to JimBob’s & Rosco’s comments, they’re brilliant, too. Placement for cause is the sun, solar inactivity, and massive amounts of sequestered CO2 belched from sea water and don’t forget CO2 and SO4 from countless undersea volcanoes and those currently erupting land volcanoes.

    Wow, CO2 from the oceans (water covers 71% of the earth’s surface area)! The bad news is the sun, volcanoes, or oceans cannot be taxed, billed, or surcharged …but it is easy to fleece and swindle silly-minded humans. So, how can humans hope for any truth and fairness, they can’t …especially where MONEY is at the crux.

    The CO2 fairy-tale comes from a handful of nuts that started a chicken-little rumor that politicians quickly latched onto as potential massive tax revenues. The scam turned into the largest monetary fleecing-scam of all time. It accuses without tested proof ALL humans of guilt, so they can be targeted to pay for suspect cures; for a problem that doesn’t exist and they had nothing to do with. Meanwhile, a revenue river is directed to the charlatans conducting the trick. It’s the largest lie ever devised in the history of our planet. Proving that yielding humans are gullible suckers and that countless totally vile politicians and their cronies can spit on humanity as they apply their grip to the money!

    Bill Gates, is second-seat to Jeff Bezos (another nut), and sees CO2 as a train full of money, so he chants a hypnotic Svengali mantra …CO2…CO2…CO2! It’s despicable.

  8. Bill Gate as shown by this video knows little about how the climate operates. However the best thing about Bill Gates is that he see that his ‘golden goose’ of the PCs running Windows may get severely restrained if people have to choose between eating, keeping warm and upgrading a PC, it’s operating system, or even surfing the net.
    He understands that wind and solar are only intermittent add-ons, and that they come with very high price tag. That is why he’s advocating the USA to go for the nuclear power option.
    “Next year I will speak out more about how the U.S. needs to regain its leading role in nuclear power research. (This is unrelated to my work with the foundation.)

    Nuclear is ideal for dealing with climate change, because it is the only carbon-free, scalable energy source that’s available 24 hours a day. The problems with today’s reactors, such as the risk of accidents, can be solved through innovation.”
    What he says at

  9. Shut the gate bill the CO2 horse has long bolted, you should have got on it,s back when it was in full gallop but even the old stable goat has caughtup with the horse and found it to have only 3 legs now, the scam has been found wanting as you have.
    Bill listen CO2 is nothing but a valued fertility enhancer, look on your computer and try to read the truth.

  10. Gates is not stupid. I think he’s part of the elite that want it for them and their progeny. His foundation is scamming the naive public in other ways, like in education.

  11. gates piggybacked off Linus torvald and others
    hes made more than enough off the programs and the new rent a program scam sucks!
    move to LINUX programs and stoop being done over!
    altruistic? my butt he is
    pushing gmo chem use crops to the poorest of the poor?
    he holds shares in monsanto ffs!
    megamil paid to rich nations to “develop” composting toilets took years and is out of reach of most
    they needed simple sunheat barrel units costing a few dollars
    every damned thing he does to “help” is a taxbreak n PR stunt
    he will have a lot invested in green scams as well.
    the man and his wife make my skin crawl!

  12. Reproductive health care(Thule Society), government controlled population control.
    Let us wipe out what the natural climate cycles does not take care of! Then we can make ourselves(gods) over the masses.

    Rot in hell Bill Gates

  13. Bill Gates isnt being conned, he is being a good actor. From “creating” microsoft to giving vaccines for free he is just an actor for the people behind the curtain.

    The plan is agenda 2030, along with a massive depopulation, the goal is 500 million people alive by 2030. Famines, very cold weather, 5G, vaccines, GMO food etc will surely “help” with that.

    Wake up people we are merely peasants in the eyes of the rulers. Nothing has changed until we wake up.

  14. Another stupid-ass progressive
    Another imbecilic smellocrat
    Another idiot libtard
    Another communist

    They’ll dictate the rules
    You just shut-up and obey !

    They’re all the same.

  15. Think about how much energy it takes to power Microsoft’s campus in Redmond, Washington State. I’ve been on that campus – dozens of large buildings all with AC in the summer and heat in the winter, and how much energy is consumed by their servers? How much energy did it take to build all of the big modern buildings on Microsoft’s campus? Think about how much energy is consumed by Microsoft’s thousands of employees who commute to and from Redmond every day, idling in traffic on I-405. Think about how much energy is consumed by the millions upon millions of computers running Windows software day by day and year by year all around the world. How much energy was used to manufacture those computers? Bill Gates, there’s only one course of action you can take to combat “climate change”: close Microsoft now, donate all your billions to fighting climate change, and turn your buildings into homeless shelters to get the bums off the streets of Seattle which has turned into another Liberal cesspool. Seattle, the city where I grew up, now with hordes of homeless pooping on the streets, using drugs out in the open, harassing people. Seattle was such a cool city before the mental derangement of the Left destroyed it. Bill Gates, why don’t you donate a billion or two to fixing the homeless problem? While you’re at it why don’t you call up your buddy Jeff Bozo down the road in Bellevue and get him to donate a billion or two as well.

  16. I says, “hey, you, get off of my cloud
    Hey, you, get off of my cloud
    Hey, you, get off of my cloud
    Don’t hang around ’cause two’s a crowd
    On my cloud, baby”

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