Would it better if the billboard said skeptics must be ‘treated’?

Would it better if the billboard said skeptics must be ‘treated’?

I received a media inquiry this morning from The Hill, which covers goings on in Washington, D.C.

Here it is:

Good morning.

Wanted to check in to see if Ice Age Now will continue to sponsor the Heartland Institute’s upcoming climate change conference in light of the controversy over their recent advertising campaign. Please let me know.


More on the ad campaign here:



Andrew Restuccia
Staff Writer
The Hill

Here’s how I answered Mr Restuccia:

Hello Andrew,

The first article that you reference contains the words “Heartland disputes the view held by the overwhelming majority of scientists that the planet is warming and human activities — including burning fossil fuels — are playing a major role.”

The 2nd article says: “The group disputes the view, held by the overwhelming majority of scientists, that the planet is warming and human activities are playing a role.”

Really? An overwhelming majority?

What about the 31,000 scientists who signed a petition rejecting claims of human-caused global warming. (See http://www.iceagenow.com/31000_scientists_dispute_global_warming_claims.htm )

What about the 49 NASA astronauts, scientists and engineers who sent a letter to NASA administrator Charles Bolden stating that “it is clear that the science is NOT settled? (See https://iceagenow.info/2012/04/nasa-scientists-dispute-climate-change-activism/ )

With this kind of lopsided reporting, yes, we will absolutely continue to support the conference.

Or do you think it would be better if Heartland put professor Kari Norgaard’s picture on one of those billboards, along with her words that skepticsm is a sickness that needs to be “treated”?

“Resistance at individual and societal levels must be recognized and treated,” says Dr Norgaard. (See https://iceagenow.info/2012/03/global-warming-skeptics-sick-treated-prof/ )

I think this sort of trash – coming from a university professor! – is worse than Heartland’s billboards.


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  1. I wonder if the Hill contacted Think Progress supporters when it compared conservatives and Christians to a terrorist as well as the constant depiction of anyone who questions Mike Mann’s discredited hockey stick as holocaust denier types? Maybe you could ask them. 🙂

    ‘Norway Terrorist Is A Global Warming Denier’

    “Inspired by climate denial pundits, right-wing Norwegian terrorist Anders Breivik railed against global warming “enviro-communism” in his manifesto. Breivik — who confessed to killing 93 people in two attacks in Norway — published on the web a 1,500-page manifesto describing his Christian conservative conspiracy theories. In one section, “Green is the new Red – Stop Enviro-Communism!” Breivik argues that global warming is actually a eco-Marxist plot “to create a world government” using the “Anthropogenic Global Warming scam”:”


    • Breivik was pro gay, pro Israel and a mason. By definition he was not a christian and certainly not a conservative. If you understand any thing about him understand that.
      Anders Breivik is more than just a terrorist and mass murderer. He is a soldier for the new world order doing what was no doubt a terror op that could have several outcomes interms of changing public opinion, government policy or it could have also been a reprisal. It could have been all three but it was not the actions of a lone nut gun man acting on his own.
      When the police called him out on the island they called him by name. They knew who he was and where to find him.
      I have no doubt that he had handlers working for politically protected people operating at the global level. Anders gets treatment and incarceration, Norway gets punished, damaged and terrorized and the reward for the ruling elite in this world is satisfaction. The cause for it could have been something quite minor like Norway pulling out of the attack on Libya early or perhaps it was something about Norways policies that were at variance with those of the globalist elites. Very little in this world is an accident.

  2. I am sure Mr. Restuccia is writing a completely unbiased and objective article on the issue since he is a professional journalist. Likely he will include quotes from sources on both sides of the controversy that provide balance and do not tend to slant the article one way or the other, as a professional journalist should do. He may have an opinion on the issue himself yet he will not inject that opinion into the article. I am looking forward to reading his straightforward and factual piece.

  3. Maybe a more direct question these people that are supporting this bogus global warming! Just how much did they promise to pay them or just what kind of ponzee scheme talk them into?

    • At first I thought I was looking at an old picture of Jerry Louis as the Nutty Professor, wearing a dress.

  4. One would think that a person with a “Master’s and PhD in sociology” would also say: “Democrats or Republicans must be treated” because they also disagree. The right to disagree is the “Freedom” of this country. Take that away, and I guess that means … WAR!

    I am appalled that someone indirectly paid by the “Carbon Producing System” (Including oil and coal) would have the conscience to claim “Climate-change skepticism must be ‘treated’”! Fortunately, you, Professor Kari Norgaard, can cleanse yourself of this dirt by returning your paycheck and all previous pay, and only be paid by “Clean, Renewable energy”. I am sorry but the tax rate on the “Renewable Energy” is ridiculously low, so you actual pay will be only a few pennies a day. Obviously, your education and lifestyle have been paid by the “Carbon emissions sickness” therefore; I expect the next picture of you will show you standing next to your, personally constructed, mud hut while wearing your hand-made grass dress. Please make sure there are no camp fires or other carbon creating features are on said property. I can’t speak for the rest, but I personally will be inspecting your “Carbon Free” lifestyle for compliance, otherwise you will also be “Treated”!

    It is also obvious, by the thickness of your glasses, that you have been reading the wrong material pertaining to “Climate Change”. If you had been reading “Iceagenow.com” as well as information on the Ice Ages and the Little Ice Age, your own intellect and observations would determine the “IPCC and gang” are “Full of It”! Furthermore, as a “Biology Major”, if your “Scientific Analysis” was within 4% of the “Teacher’s” answer, then you were correct. Logically, if Mother Nature produces 97% of the “Carbon Emissions”, then the obvious answer is “Mother Nature”, not humans. (Within 4%) Please tell me you did not miss this answer?

  5. At work, yesterday, during tea time chat, I was informed by everyone in the tea room that ALL the glaciers around the world are melting. I nearly went through the roof. Certainly gave them the address of this site and told them to stop bleating and check the data for themselves. “But we don’t have time….” Then MAKE time. Or die. Maybe a bit rough but, really….
    Go Robert! The world needs this information to get out there. And by the way, I was the only person in the tea room without a masters degree in English.

    • Because people are into their portable phones or Xbox’s instead of wanting to look up the data for themselves asking if the media is really telling the truth.

  6. “Manmade global warming” is not science, it´s political propaganda or a religious sect. It´s no wonder they are getting short of believers on this COOLING planet called Earth! The “scientists” driving the AGW-theory are more like the 1% against the 99%.

  7. well said Robert!
    very well said.
    their idiocy is only surpassed by their bias.
    I like many only hear about it afterwards,in this case the pro lobby jumped and screamed loud and fast.
    I suggest we need to be resending the 10;10 clip around again.

  8. Bravo Robert! Hell, TK was an actual terrorist and a green. If they’re so against that kind of ad, I wonder how many inquiries they made about the expensive “No Pressure” ads by the green group in the UK that depicted teacher, boss and coach pushing a red button exploding all those who don’t agree with their group-think ideology.

  9. How about a bill board that says that the powers that be and their allies are a sickness that needs to be treated. Too honest?

    • And the media would cheer! 3/4ts of the people would honk their horns in support of that message.

      I almost feel as if 3/4ths of the world got replaced by holograms that act as a person but is in actuality a program.

  10. Hey Robert – great post and spot on. Professor Kari Norgaard is one sick puppy and she could do with being “treated.”

    Best regards.

  11. Everyone in this debate should take a step back, remove the blinkers and pause for thought. It’s fair to say that those on the AGW gravy train are running out of track and its heading for the buffers. The thing is anyone knows a good scientist is one who can agree to disagree.

    From what I can gather Andrew Restuccia writing in The Hill as well as other journalists from a few quality Broad Sheets are starting to question the AGW ethos which is not before time however, there is a thin line here that the AGW squad have already crossed and which we could oh so easily cross as well. That is the line of agreeing to disagree.Professor Kari Norgaard, Al Gore and others have taken it upon themselves to ostracize those with an alternative point of view thus discrediting themselves in the process.

    The aforementioned have taken an almost militant stance and in doing so have ignored reasoning. For example taking a somewhat simplistic view point they are predicting the climate on computer models which can be easily manipulated to predict a determined outcome or inadvertently programed with inaccurate data thus given a false outcome. We on the other hand are basing our outcomes records going back thousands of years as well as ice cores and sediment studies going back millions of years. You are more likely to believe our ethos that this is a natural cycle however we could both be wrong.

    Look at it this way there is no scientist alive today who were around prior to the last ice age or the beginning of the Maunder Minimum or the Dalton Minima. Records of the ice age are being compiled today through ice core and sediment studies whilst the Maunder and Dalton Minima have been documented by a few intellectuals. Tectonic plates have shifted dramatically since the last ice age whilst during the last mini ice ages there was a lot of political, social and environmental upheaval. New lands were being discovered and colonised, wars were raging in Europe as well as America, plague ravaged Europe, and new farming methods had to be adopted and civilisation was on the cusp industrial revolution. Who would take note of the climate change then? You would just get on with the daily chore of survival. The world was a far bigger place than now and who’s to say that weather extremes that we see today didn’t happen back then?

    I am neither a sceptic nor a denier because I agree to disagree. Had the AGW squad agreed to disagree then they wouldn’t be floundering in the mire of their own deceit.

  12. Brevik is an utter madman. But even the insane can have moments of clarity.He is absolutely right about the RED ECO LOONIES. They have succeeded by the way. They have redistributed the worlds wealth AND MADE THE RICH RICHER AND THE POOR POORER.OOOOPSSS!!!!

  13. The problem is our education system globally has turned out people who must contrive funding schemes in order to stay employed, be relevant to their peers & profession, and have the selfish pleasure of power & one-upsmanship during their working career-spans.

  14. While I don’t necessarily believe an ice age will come I do believe the global warming people are brain-damaged and are totally delusional.

    It says in the bible there will be wars and rumors of wars and thanks to the internet we can get that kind of information where in the generations of the people who wrote the bible they would have to wait a week for the news.

    People did not travel for pleasure back then and only the rich would travel for business or marriage proposals.

    • I forgot to mention until the printing press the news they got would be very limited and old.

  15. The bible says people will “travel to and fro across the earth”

    The invention of the motel helped sparked the idea of pleasure travel because you could park right up to your room and get your key without much hassle and now we have supersonic jets that go 2000mph.

    That’s right! There are 3 zeros in there.

  16. “would be better if Heartland put professor Kari Norgaard’s picture on one of those billboards,”

    What would be better is Morano’s spiel, something like: “The policies based on the unproven pseudo-science of AGW would, in practice, lock-in the present state of poverty for most of the undeveloped world. By as much as the alarmists prevent escape from poverty, by that much are they responsible for the differential in human suffering, and in human deaths. The so-called precautionary principle serves as little more than an excuse for genocide of the poor.”

  17. All I can say is that is one ugly reptilian shape shifting euginics c?_t! I would hate humanity to if I were that effn ugly! Do they have some kind of government cloning program or what? She looks like a mix between janet reno and janet napolitano!

  18. -> William Sellers 7:14 PM

    Hear hear! Nailed the problem in three sentences.

    The complete bastardization of the educational system has left us with a generation of halfwits who have no other recourse to make a living than to engage in vast flim-flam schemes. For many of them it is the only career direction they could strive for because they are scientifically illiterate and legally illiterate. If they didn’t work at confidence scams they’d have nothing at all to do with themselves other than slash their wrists.

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