Billings – Snowiest season EVER

Billings – Snowiest season EVER

Last week I posted an article saying that Billings, Montana had tied it’s snowiest season on record.

23 Apr 2018 – “Now we’ve passed it, says reader Reziac. “Coming down hard across most of the state this morning.

Thanks to Reziac for this link

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  1. I got a kick out of the heading on the chart showing that the Billings Winter Season runs from July 1st thru June 30th. Doesn’t leave a lot of time for the three other seasons!

  2. Thanks Robert! I reported on this in one of my Grand Solar Minimum YouTube videos. It is amazing that the global warming narrative is still going. Keep up the great work! I like to use your links on occasion in my videos 🙂

  3. Yes, the snow cover was extensive, and yes there was a lot of it, and yes it snowed later into the year. Nothing truly special in that according to Weatherbell, it would seem. Now here is my $64 question. Has the “year round” snow cover increased? That is, is there more land that no longer melts clear, if only for a month, than, say, 5 years ago? Is there anyone that tracks that sort of thing, and where do they track it? Ooops, that sounds like more than one question, doesn’t it?

  4. Yep, looks like they got snow in the last few days. Also, the ski resort here closed, and I think they have the most snow they’ve had all winter! Flexibility would be nice, they like calendars here.

  5. Tom O,
    —The Rutgers Snow Lab shows the March 2018 departure from “normal” (1981 – 2010) for the entire northern hemisphere in map form.
    April will not be available till after the end of the month.
    Snow cover of course is a proxy for temperature, an even more important climate indicator.

    I think you should rephrase your question about year-round snow cover & instead ask “Are glaciers growing?” As you probably know, ice formation is a distillation process so that even the ice atop the ocean in the Arctic is “freshwater ice.”

    The Antarctic contains 90% of all the freshwater ice on earth, and Greenland contains another 9%. When those 2 are growing, as at present, the earth is cooling. We can argue about how temporary the cooling is, but not the fact.

    Longterm snowcover of course becomes ice through pressure.

    Here’s a partial list of some growing glaciers, compliments of this site

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