‘Biting cold’ challenges Kenyan farmers

26 Jun 2019 (Excerpts) – “Kenyan farmers have to contend with high cost of production as a biting cold weather hits several parts of the east African nation. “The cold weather, which normally kicks off in July, started in late May, worsening an already bad situation for farmers after the March-May rains failed.

“The worst affected farmers include those keeping poultry, goats and sheep. Crop farmers, growers of potatoes, coffee, strawberry and tomatoes are also among those counting losses.

“A majority of tomato farmers in Kenya … are struggling with blight, a severe cold weather disease. The disease attacks leaves forming circular brown lesions. The leaves later turn yellow and fall off.

“If a farmer does not diligently spray crops like potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant and capsicum with chemicals at least once every week when the temperatures are too low, the crop dies,” said Beatrice Macharia of Growth Point, an agro-consultancy.


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6 thoughts on “‘Biting cold’ challenges Kenyan farmers”

    • What’s your deal Rhys?? Are you a warmist, a denier, or what? I read your posts every time-same old drivel that does not add to the discourse. Always the devils advocate, but not in a constructive way.

  1. sounds like another case of trying to grow non-native plants. This is not going to fly in adverse climate conditions.

    Look for the native plants that survived the last mini ice age and grow those.

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