Bitter cold all the way into the Deep South

Farther north, Philadelphia could see the coldest Saturday morning since 1976.
“It (will) feel more like the middle of winter rather than early November in some places,” says Accuweather.

By Friday the chill will penetrate into the Deep South. with afternoon highs 10-20 degrees below normal for early November across the Southeast.

“The low temperature could plunge to 26 F (- 3.3 C) in Philadelphia on Saturday morning. It hasn’t been this cold so early in the season there since 1976,” said  Jesse Ferrell, AccuWeather meteorologist.

Potential widespread frosts and freezes across the South

Some upper 20s are likely from Arkansas to northern Mississippi and northern Alabama into the Tennessee Valley on Friday night.

An even colder blast could hit early next week, bringing temperatures 10-20 degrees below normal for mid-November across most of the eastern two-thirds of the nation.

“A widespread killing freeze is likely to end the growing season across much of the South early next week,” said AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Dan Kottlowski.

Below freezing all the way to the central Gulf Coast

A huge swath all the way from the Dakotas to northern Texas, eastward to the Carolina coast and through the Northeast will likely see temperatures drop into the teens and 20s on Tuesday morning.

The temperature where I live, south of Dallas/Fort Worth, is forecast to drop to 23F (-5C) on Tuesday morning.

See entire much more detailed forecast:

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14 thoughts on “Bitter cold all the way into the Deep South”

  1. Im also in the FtW-Dallas area right now and it turned ugly today, was 39, windy and rainy early afternoon..

  2. It’s worth mentioning that if Granbury drops to 23F Tuesday morning, similar temps in the 20’s could occur here in N Charleston,SC, which is about the same latitude as Dallas.

  3. Question. Did Greta walk to L.A. from Europe or did she use carbon energy based transportation? Did Greta walk to her destination from her hotel in L.A.? Was she staying in a climate controlled Hotel in L.A, using carbon based electricity? And is this electricity the from the same providers that are being blamed on those fires she is talking about? One last Question . Shouldn’t Greta be in school ?

  4. Possible Fall Noreaster snowstorm a week out. Snow really far south for this time of year. It’s been snowing so long you forget it’s still early.

  5. We have a predicted low of 28 f next Tuesday in New Orleans. I am 59 and have never in my entire life span seen temps this low in early November. My tomato crop usually last until early December at worst. Already lost my beans and my okra. This winter is shaping up as the one that people will realize what is really happening. In the Arctic, temps that have been behind, have now caught up to the average low and are still dropping.
    The sun is at an incredibly low 75% with no sunspots this year. I was hoping maybe the facts would be wrong. I think folks we are in for one ruff ride.

  6. Seems very early for forecasts of ice/snow here in the Upstate SC/Charlotte metro region. Low 20’s is cold for this time of year! Oh well…we’ll just plan more fire pit parties Some roasted oysters, shrimp boil, single malt scotch, and Romeo y Julieta’s will go down nice! Everyone’s invited (except greenies)

  7. hope you all stay safe n healthy in the foul weather
    Ive just been hit with “Insta- flu”
    from ok to OMG in just 2 hrs.
    the extreme winds cold n wet and lack of wood for warmth has a bit to do with it of course.
    Aussie daytime power rates are around the 30 to 32c a kwhr
    so electric heatings NOT an option for most of us.
    oils even more expensive and pretty much phased out
    and Gas is only via 130$ 100kg LPG

  8. Laurel- I hope you have access to some echinacea tea. It works wonders in building up your immune system. Also good are elderberry extract and everybody’s mom’s favorite, chicken soup.
    Wish I could ship you some wood. For an extremely poor person, I am rich in trees and rocks.
    Hope you feel better soon.

  9. I’m afraid AccuWx is wrong on the timing. I checked with the NWS on Tuesday morning here on the Carolina coast and it will be 50’s here Tuesday morning, not teens and 20’s. The cold will not arrive until Tuesday night thru Thursday morning. Lows low 30’s Tuesday night and about 30 Wednesday night. Still cold but not teens though. Don’t put your trust into AccuWeather.

    • Kenneth, I think the front and the surge are moving faster than expected. We are expecting 74 for a high today and 31 and snow tonight. Brrrr…. Earl

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