Bitter cold damages D.C. cherry blossoms

Could get even colder tonight.

Cherry blossoms begin sustaining damage when temperatures drop to 27 degrees (-2.8C). If temperatures drop to 24 degrees (-4.4C) or lower, up to 90 percent of exposed blossoms can be affected as their small white flowers turn brown and wilt.

Last night, temperatures dropped to the critical 27F mark and remained below that level all night. Indeed, there was a five-hour stretch at or below 24 degrees.

Horticulturists fear that continued cold could seal the blossom’s fate

Unfortunately, temperatures in Washington, D.C. are forecast to drop to 23F (-5C) tonight and to 24F tomorrow, according to

See video:

See video:

5 thoughts on “Bitter cold damages D.C. cherry blossoms”

  1. guess cherry jam is going to be expensive IF you can even buy any this year
    bad for the poor beleagured growers though

  2. If you ever watched “Brain Dead” you would be happy that the Cherry Blossoms have been hammered by the cold.

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