Bitter Cold In Every Direction

Harsh Winter Conditions Grip Northern Hemisphere As Globe Cools

Never mind the severe cold hitting the Super Bowl this year, or scientists lecturing us on global warming while their host resort Davos got buried in snow.

There’s been a lot of cold all over the northern hemisphere this winter – much more than many of us expected. Europe has also joined in on the freeze-fest as the harsh winter spreads across the old continent and even into Africa.

Cooling globe

One reason for this could be due to the rapidly falling global surface temperatures  as recorded by satellite data. In January the global mean temperature anomaly dropped to +0.26°C, with the tropics (where most of the heat is found) posting a nippy -0.12°C anomaly, according to Dr. Roy Spencer.

Other cooling factors include the current La Nina and possibly the low solar activity playing a role. IceAgeNow here reported last July that solar activity was at its most rapid decline in 9300 years.

A lot of winter, snow and cold for a planet that is supposedly warming rapidly.

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  1. I would imagine the New Zealanders are about to become a little concerned. Comment &/or reporting on “cold snaps” are barely reported or commented on.

  2. Interesting. BUT……. it appears cold in every direction – except the deep south at this time – with no significant chance of bitterly cold arctic air infiltrating these areas anytime soon at least thru the 21st. This is because we have no block in Greenland right now
    (-NAO) and too much of a strong Pacific jet, as well as the Polar Vortex too far north into central/northern Canada. So that means mostly a west to east flow across the deep south (progressive flow) at this time for another week or two. The very cold arctic air is there, but mostly up North during this time and flowing more eastward instead of southward because the pattern won’t allow it right now. Maybe toward the end of February/early March we may have a better chance of arctic air and a snowier pattern returning further south with a stronger blocking regime upstream.

    • One correction I think you mean +nao – nao are isolated with the blocking type reason for the prodominent positive nao could well be connected with the expanded warm pool in the western hemisphere in the Pacific that has been sifted northeast word this seems to connect to the positive pna negative epo and positive nao winter’s which has been the case in the means since 2012 2013 or so in contrary to belief you tend to get a -pna – nao combenation in a decade since and when you get a prodominent +pna in a few decade since you tend to get a +nao combination they seem to both trend hand in hand with each other which is 2008-2011 we saw a mini version of a negative prodominent nao but the cycle seemed to terminate quite quickly and didn’t sustain.with the ssw in progress it is likely the regem we been in since 2013 is going to be in the process of terminating but to what is very unclear but will be interesting with the solar min upcoming if we finally see a prodominent- nao blocking pattern set up in the next few years and the next question would be if this will tend to be a long sustaining decades type instead of one that last only a few years and terminates would be interesting Kenneth what the nao was like doing our full blown glacier ice age cycles and what phase it tended to dominated in.

    • Asinine reporting almost every day. They have lost touch with reality. “It finds the sun is likely to be 7 percent cooler than its usual minimum.
      And another grand minimum is likely to be just decades away, based on the cooling spiral of recent solar cycles. A future grand solar minimum could slow down but not stop global warming” Like the cartoon says ” How cold does it have to be to have globule warming “

  3. Funny how they keep blaming every extreme cold and snow event on a “cold snap.”
    If the oceans were to freeze, is that just caused by a “cold snap?”

    If it were to snow all winter in the deep south, is that just a “cold snap?”

    If we move into another ice age, it certainly would not be caused by a mere “cold snap.”

    well, you get the picture…….

  4. Amusing how you place “possibly the low solar activity playing a role” last in your list of potential causations.

    When in fact it’s the primary and probably sole root reason, with everything else being secondary effects.

    ‘Atmosphere cooling rapidly, oceans still warm’, is certainly throwing up some unusual weather patterns.

    Well, it’s all entertaining. Personally I just wish for some decent rain in Eastern Australia. It’s getting incredibly dry here.

    Incidentally, though it’s high summer here now and there are some very hot days, we’re also getting more than a few unusually cool and pleasant days. I wonder if it will snow in Sydney this coming Winter? I have a hunch it might. That will be good for a laugh, especially if the lying-BOM try to pull their ‘hottest year ever’ spiel yet again.

  5. Warming planet = more tax revenues from CO2 and more Socialism to spend the loot on pet projects
    A Glaciation Cooling Planet = 40 years of propaganda down the drain, the UN and the World Bank defunded, and an Ice Cap on the US Rust Bucket States and over most of Europe including Scotland.
    The above will occur in a locality close to descendants in about 1500 years from now.
    The cooling period we are experiencing is very similar to the GSM of the LALIA 585AD to 675AD and the cool Gleissberg period which followed it.
    The next GSM has already been forecast, and that will occur after another Solar Warm Period for which its headline temperature will be on trend with the previous 4 Warm periods.

  6. This is just the beginning! Those of us old enough to remember how to gather wood, light a fire and heat a can of beans will probably prepare better and survive longer than the young of today who will only download a picture of a fire?

    • ” heat a can of beans ”
      How about boiling beans the old fashion way? No preservatives and much cheaper. Keep the cans for emergencies and for the ugly time when you’ll not have a fire.

  7. the la ninas gone into low grumpy mode for us down sth
    why the larger parts of sth n east aus are so damned dry and hot right now;-(
    i was hoping for a bit wetter summer and am having to ration rain water and water with borewater nearly daily at present;-(
    if the cold does ramp up down here too i worry we will get even drier summer and winter;-(
    aus in the last iceage/maunder min appeared to be rather dry..why were stuck with a lot of woody weeds(eucalypts) and very few decent green lush type trees, except in tropic areas

  8. Even the southern hemisphere has not been spared. The reports “many towns in south-east Queensland have experienced their coldest February day on record” and that “Archerfield managed only 21°C and Coolangatta on the Gold Coast 21.6°C”.

    According to a local meteorologist: “These are the coldest February days that we’ve ever experienced in those places and some of those records date back quite some time.”

    Finally Ice Age Now writes that Tasmania even recorded a “summer blizzard.”
    And it is summer down under.

  9. No change in sea level trend since at least 1850. Google NOAA Sea Level Battery for a representative chart. See on that chart too, no impact from the entire Industrial Revolution/CO2.

  10. claiming ice age is just like claiming desert age. the coldness is spread to some areas. as cold as fifty years ago isn’t cold but more or less normal for the winter. it is far more complex than scientists are claiming

  11. As this thing unfolds, it’s an opportunity to [dramatically] revise one’s investment portfolio. Think “Food, Food, Food”. From a real estate perspective, I really like the lower Rio Grande Valley, having traveled there often. They got the land, the water, the sunshine, & transport links. Ditto the Panhandle of Florida where the LDS Church became Florida’s largest landowner in 2013; AND Southern Arizona, where the potential exists for a nuclear-powered desalination scheme splitting Baja water with NW Mexico, who also badly needs it.

  12. The entire northern hemisphere is not all cold. We’re having a very warm winter here in Utah in the lower elevations ( around 4,200 to 5,550 ft. ASL ). My house sits at 4,740 ft. elevation and I don’t even need a jacket that badly in the daytime. I’m on the anti-climate change side too but I’m just sayin’, the cold ain’t everywhere.

    • In contrary to belief not everywhere gets cold doing ice ages and Robert Filex has made that clear in places like Florida it was only slightly cooler then it is fact doing ice age patterns there seems to be an incredible gradient that in place where from north Carolina south it’s mostly a normal or warm pattern but North Carolina north it’s cold to very cold base on past records it an amazing gradient.

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