Bitter cold wave grips northern India – 140 dead

Dharamshala experienced snowfall of up to 4 feet in the upper terrains and 1 foot in lower areas.

Pathankot yesterday experienced its first snowfall in decades, a phenomenon which the Met dismissed as ‘freak’ happening.

Reports claim that severe cold has claimed the lives of at least 140 people so far this season as rain coupled with snowfall aggravated the cold wave. The cold continued unabated in Kashmir Valley with minimum temperatures remaining several degrees below freezing.

Heavy snowfall has disrupted life in Himachal Pradesh, with temperature in Kangra dipping to -4.0C yesterday. In Manali, the temperature recorded was around -7.0C.

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3 thoughts on “Bitter cold wave grips northern India – 140 dead”

  1. this should be a clear warning of what happens when a country has no planning for severe cold events.
    its not unheard of, though fairly rare to be so cold, but the people and their homes and habits are not set up to cope with such events. so they die.
    and so do animals and crops.
    insulated homes protect against heat AND cold, they have none.if we really wanted to help the 3rd world thebn theres better ways than the warmist fools are pushing on them!

    • What is occurring in India is exactly what the “Warmist” Elite intend to happen to the rest of us. The Bilderberg Group knows the REAL story. A good number of their ‘trusted’ political minions probably do as well. The remainder are the “Warmist Fools” who have bought into the AGW Scam either because they see an income stream or because of naivety.

      So, while many of us average folks would be glad to help those in the third world, the political leadership on planet Earth has no intention of continuing or structuring any meaningful and reasonable system which will insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, or insure the blessings of liberty for humanity. They have too much to gain by keeping Nations at odds with one another.

      IF we humans ever got our act together, we’d truly be a force to reckon with in the galaxy. As it is, our Overlords have no intention of allowing that to happen.

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