Black Sea Freezes For First Time in 62 Years – Video

Anomalous cold in Bulgaria – This article blames global warming.

This is a translation, by me, of a Google translation. Please let me know if I’ve made any glaring mistakes. – Robert

12 Jan 2017 – “The last time the sea in the Bulgarian resort of Burgas was covered with ice was in 1954. Throughout the entire 20th century ice paralyzed this part of the Black Sea  area only 3 times.”

The Balkan country is experiencing extreme cold. In some areas, the air temperature dropped to -29 C (-20 F).

“This winter is strong for many countries in Europe. In Italy, the famous Roman fountains display a frozen waterfall, it is snowing in Montenegro, and in Belgium the rails of the train have frozen.

“Harsh winter is associated with global warming. Its influence is felt not only in the exhausting heat waves, but also in heavy rains, floods, and even the strongest cold.” (As you can probably guess, I strongly disagree with this.)

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  1. I just love these Global Warming stories such as this one where ice and snow have not been experienced since 1954. No mistake, the evidence is here, -29. Oiy, yoi, yoi!


  2. such incredible cold that these people are experiencing in Europe and Asia, yet the idiot who wrote the article still thinks it has to do with global warming. there is no accounting for the stupidity of some people.

  3. I agree that AGW is not the cause of the Black Sea ice, the winters in Central Europe during the 1940s to late early Fifties were difficult at the best of times, each time the culprit was a blocking high parked over Scandinavia which generated Northerly and Easterly flows of very cold air from Northern Russia and Siberia down over the Black Sea and then West over what is now the EU. During 1947 and 63, Ice floes were even generated against the UK East Anglia coasts. 1953 was also marked with a massive North Sea storm surge which killed several hundred people in the East coast of the UK and the lowland coastal regions of Europe.
    CO2 commence its increase slightly above trend shortly after 1953 with the very high output solar cycles 18 and 19, paused during SC20, and continued its rise during the following three high energy rise of solar cycles 21, 22, and 23, warming the oceans as they collected heat from the Sun. The so called warming pause started on the decent to solar minimum for SC23 and has continued during most of SC24. The land area of the NH is now cooling rapidly and will continue to do so until 2056.

  4. thats why they swapped to CC ..
    so they can bullshit whatever happens its gotta be OUR fault
    a CYA move
    i hear the goracles movie is to be screened at sundance
    inconvenient sequel
    hope they freeze their butts off being there

  5. I am sure that “globull warming” also has caused an increase in diarrhea, especially of the mouth, as well as vomiting of ignorance.

    It is so amazing what Carbon Dioxide has accomplished in the past 60 or so years. I am sure it is behind the rise in nations with nuclear weapons, as well as space flight, and all the trick photography that has been used to show us Mars, the Moon, Europa, and Pluto, among others.

    What an incredible compound! I’m sure it is behind solar flares.volcanic eruptions, the big earthquakes around the “ring of fire,” not to mention the expansion of the Universe! Just amazing what this little guy can do!

  6. oops!! More typical moronic and uninformed lunatics and idiots on this article. Do they know their math correctly?
    I doubt any of them can add or subtract even 1,2 or 3! What is 2017-62?? That is 1955.

    In 1955 we had a Global COOLING in progress starting about 1940!!!! This is why the Black Sea froze in 1955 – because of Global COOLING – just like we’re seeing now, ever since 2000. In fact, 2016 witnessed the fasted global drop in temperature EVER observed over land. That explains why we are seeing 7 feet of snow on the Greek islands and why rivers are freezing in Europe. The next ice age is already here. Obviously. We better prepare to store food before our crops totally freeze.
    End of story!

    • and shouldn’t the article be reading 63 years? 1954. That would be exactly 63 years ago that the Black Sea froze if that happened in January/Feb or March of 1954.

    • It is commonly believed that scientists are capable to solve any problems. That is the doctrine of the democratic societies the last decades. It seems that almost no one can imagine that nature conquers human beings except a few minor problems, like cancer, shortage of food, some strange viruses, some bacteria, obesitas. Deep learning will be helpfull to solve all these things. As far as I know the weather is quite normal now overhere, still a bit warm.

  7. I found the news. There are several other articles on global warming (in this Russian link) that I consider absurd.
    I just choose what I want, the most of the weather news are real.
    The problem is that they associate all with GW.
    A GW’s believer: “How cold! Wow! But it will end soon, we are in the AGW period, no problem. -“Wrong!”
    My fear is that most people don’t ask, no contest, no debate about it.
    The people (Press) simply obey the orders and that’s it, they publish and that’s it.
    60 or 63 years, ok. But it makes no difference, the reference now is 2017, when it will freeze again? In 5 years, 2 years or next year.
    There is a lot…really a lot of work to do until 2056.

  8. Of course, global warming makes lakes freeze over, makes perfect sense to me. When I want ice cubes I fill the trays and put them in the oven, turn it up, ice in no time. The hotter it gets the faster it freezes.

  9. the BBC will be waiting till the thaw then they spew out a pile of “oooooh look at the floods” stories it’s all your fault global warming, Al Gore, hottest year evah, more rain, less rain, more wind, less wind, more ice, less ice, Amazon rain forest destroyed ad infinitum!

  10. Hello solar minimum..its here and looks like a copy paste of cycle#5..but can get worse if its a grand minimum cycle?

    • If you look at the Landscheidt graphic in detail, I think you will find this cycle is lower in output than SC5 already. With SC25 even lower. As an example:
      A further graphic is shown on the site from Leif Svalgaard, these shows SC4 and SC5 and the decent into the GSM. SC6 which follows has a similar output level to SC5. There is a difference already between these cycles. This set of cycles is already lower in output and many are forecasting SC25 to be even lower in output than SC5 or SC6.
      The difference between Dalton coming at the end of a major 1000 year solar disturbance period and now, is that the oceans heat store was already much reduced prior to Dalton than now, Dalton’s climate period didn’t have to contend with 6 very high solar output cycles 17,18 and 19 followed by 21, 22 and reducing output 23.
      Variation in observed sunspot numbers during the time period 1800-present. The red curve is the Wolf sunspot number, and the purple line a count of sunspot groups based on a reconstruction by D.V. Hoyt. The green crosses are auroral counts, based on a reconstruction by K. Krivsky and J.P. Legrand.
      The above graphic nicely shows the start cycle of Dalton SC5 and the group of cycles 17 to 22 the modern solar warm period, it also show the SC20 AMP affected cycle. It shows the complete Gleissberg low output period of 4 short cycles from 1880 to 1914, that period has similar cold winters, such as 1904 which the EU is experiencing at the moment.
      The Mail recently ran a pictorial of 1904 ice sailing on the Thames at Henley together with other winter pictures from that period.
      At present most of our historical cold climate records stem from the Gleissberg cold climate period. Well before modern man’s industrial empire got under way, well after 1920 at the start of the modern solar warm period which in solar terms ended in 2008.

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