Blackouts Cascade Beyond Texas in Spreading Power Crisis

More than 2 million homes in Texas without power, another 400,000 in Mexico. (At 2½ people per home, that’s 6 million people trying to survive without power.)
Bloomberg News blames “climate change.”
Yeah, its’s climate change alright, but it sure as hell isn’t caused by CO2. How about a sun almost devoid of sunspots?

Blackouts are spreading across the central U.S. and into Mexico as an energy crisis caused by record cold deepens.

The operator of an electric grid spanning 14 states ordered utilities to start rotating outages to protect the system from failing amid surging demand for electricity.

“In our history as a grid operator, this is an unprecedented event,” the grid operator said in a statement Monday.

The brutal cold striking Texas “is emblematic of a world facing more unpredictable weather due to the rising impact of climate change,” says Bloomberg News. “The outages underscore how as the globe moves away from fossil fuels into an all-electrified system that relies more and more on renewable energy, the grid becomes more vulnerable too.”

In Houston, roads are iced over and there are long lines to refill household propane canisters. Firewood is selling out.

Large swaths of Dallas, Houston and other cities have been plunged into darkness as extreme cold and surging demand for heat pushes generators to the brink. The outages began as controlled, rolling power cuts but have cascaded into prolonged blackouts in some areas.

“We anticipate we will need to continue these controlled outages for the rest of today and perhaps all day tomorrow,” Dan Woodfin, a senior director for the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, said during a briefing Monday.

The temperature at 5 a.m. in Houston was 18 degrees Fahrenheit. In the Dallas-Fort Worth area it was 5 degrees Fahrenheit. (It was 4F at my home just south of Fort Worth when the power went out at 6 am.)

Houston may pick up anther as 2 inches (5 cm) of snow overnight, along with ice and sleet, the National Weather Service said. Yet more ice and freezing rain is forecast for Wednesday.

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  1. I stay in a NW Arkansas town, Harrison. I’ve done some preliminary research on historical weather in February here. We are having unprecedented snowfall & low temperatures this February. Yes, the climate is changing. I was staying in Miami-Dade during the unprecedented cold and snow flurries on Jan. 19, 1977. Then it warmed a bit. Now… Btw: Harrison is a small rural town of about 13,000 population. A lot of SUV’s and pickup trucks with ICE’s around here. That must be why there is unprecedented snowfall and low temps. The ICE’s in all SUV’s and pickup trucks. I can’t wait for all the new electrical vehicles on the road. They will be so efficient, with bitsy, itsy, teeny, tiny “carbon footprints” (whatever a “carbon footprint” is), as small as an ant. Right?!

    • Rob, I guess you didn’t read the article I published in The Babylon Bee. Or, was it The Onion? No, nope! It was the editorial page of the New York Times. The one that says flying unicorns will be released en masse to circle the wind turbines, creating air currents to move the blades and help keep ice off the motors and blades. The unicorns will be trained to stay far enough away from the blades to not become uniburger. Also, there is an effort to breed flying unicorns that shoot laser beams from their eyes. These will be used to de-ice the solar panel farms. These unicorns will have a pre-mapped angles of attack embedded in their neurons, so the laser beams from their eyes won’t reflect back and barbeque the unicorns. I know these statements are true, because I saw them in the dreams of bill & melinda gates. That’s why I was able to publish the above on the editorial page of the New York Times. The article was right below bill gates admonishing the world to start eating synthetic beef.

  2. CO2 levels in the atmosphere have absolutely no effect on winter temperatures.

    Cold arctic wind, clouds, sleet, snow blows down the center of the North American continent and what does a trace gas in the atmosphere have anything to do with that?

    CO2 is measured in parts per million, and CH4 in parts per billion, and those in politics and media claim they are causing warming? It’s laughable – the MSM and the government are out of their frickin minds.

    We are literally ruled by lunatics and now I see that monster Bill Gates has a new book arguing that we have to sequester ALL carbon in the next 2 decades. That WILL cause a mass extinction event for humans.

    There is nothing wrong with CO2, it is at geological low levels, in the last ice age CO2 got down to 140-180 ppm and plants were dying, this may be the cause of the megafauna extinction in the late Pleistocene. Current levels of CO2 are just in the healthy recovery stage for plant growth.

    Bill Gates MUST be arrested and put away before he does any more damage like blot out the sun!

  3. Time to go back to basics because Biden and his global warming nuts are going to be the death of us all. And as for “basics”? I suggest fireplace, firewood, horse, and buggy. Think I’m joking? I’m not. Your survival may well depend on it.

    • Wood stoves are more fuel efficient than fireplace (lovely as those are) because with a fireplace the warm air goes up the chimney & cold air comes down.

      At one point in time I considered the get a horse idea (I’m in southern AZ and lots of ranches in this area) but I’m handicapped and no way in hell would I be able to climb up on a horse. But anyone doing that… get to know horses first, they can be dangerous if you don’t understand how to control them and care for them. They are still pretty cool tho! Here they have some herds of wild horses (and donkeys and wild bulls I’m afraid) that hang out living free in the open range parts just outside of town.

  4. Robert, we just got power back here in Houston. Centerpoint left us with no news in the dark for 18 hours. Deployed the fireplace which we seldom use to keep the house at 53 F. My generator refused to start. 18 F outside at 12:00 AM headed to 8 they say.

    • Robert, update. The rolling blackout failed as too many power plants froze up. We had power from 10:00PM Monday to 8:00AM Monday. The generator started on Tuesday as the temperature rose to 25 F. We had a hot meal last night and went to bed at 9:00. Lights cam back on at 10:30 PM and still on at 11:00 am this morning. Using this as a wake up call for next winter to get things in order. I will call in an electrician so that I can totally isolate from grid if needed and use the generator to power the house. I tried to fashion a double ended plug but realized I had used up all my plugs. Only thing left was a crow’s foot and a flat blade. Plan ahead. The induction plates worked well with the generator except for the static on my hearing aids. A little humidity helped with the cold, dry air.

  5. Hi Robert
    i was wondering how you were faring in this debacle
    hope backup wood gas oil heating?
    making a nation all electric was just asking for disaster even without weather a nice cme or high nuke fritzes the lot.
    idiots and their green dreams and co2 scams will kill many

    • Nope. No backup. All electric. This house does have a fireplace, but it’s a two-way deal in the center of the house (no external combustion air source), which makes it practically useless. My last house had a natural gas furnace and a natural gas hot water heater. Plus, I had a generator. It was -1F (-18C) here this morning. We had rolling blackouts yesterday, but luckily today the power is still on.

      • I live in a manufactured home about 18 miles south of Sherman, TX. The power went off for a short time last night, but not enough for the house to get cold.

        When we bought our house in Texas, in 2014, I insisted on a fireplace. It isn’t a big one, but if the
        power were to go our for an extended period, we can burn wood and keep the living room warm. My husband (a lifelong resident of California) thought I was being arbitrary and silly about insisting on a fireplace — and now, I’m carefully not saying “I told you so.”

      • I live in a manufactured home about 18 miles south of Sherman, TX. The power went off for a short time last night, but not enough for the house to get cold.

        When we bought our house in Texas, in 2014, I insisted on a fireplace. It isn’t a big one, but if the
        power were to go out for an extended period, we can burn wood and keep the living room warm. My husband (a lifelong resident of California) thought I was being arbitrary and silly about insisting on a fireplace — and now, I’m carefully not saying “I told you so.”

      • Have a good sized wood stove at the ready (w/ at least a 6″ OD chimney exhaust outlet) and place in front of or near to the closed off fireplace as required. Pre-run 6″ stove pipe and elbows as required to at least 12′ up into the old fireplace chimney for proper draw. No worries about having no external combustion air source – your house won’t implode and there is way more convection ‘n radiant heat coming off the stove than combustion air coming in. Can always run a narrow pipe to the outside later but it’s not a priority. Fireplaces are ornamental, fire-stoves rock. Just because you TXNs won’t likely be seeing the 2 miles of ice overhead doesn’t mean the engineered eugenics ops and Dark Winters are going away anytime soon as we get further into the ‘New Normal’ that was well predicted in ‘Not by Fire’. Get a good chainsaw, stored methanol free fuel, build a good sized woodshed and one can’t have too many gens and also staples to help keep thangs pinned down as req’d.

        They are following the Oct 10 [10:10:20] leaked CDN schedule to the letter in complete ‘Lockstep’ with the ‘2010 Lockstep Drill’ and the ‘2001 Dark Winter Drill’ by the numbers and you know how they like to watch’em go live… over and over again… like right here, right now.

        • When I was a kid, my dad took a 55 gallon drum, cut out a square at the back and welded a metal door on it for cleaning out ash, and cut the top of the drum off, and welded a large metal door for throwing entire hunks of log onto the fire. At the bottom of the door was a shutter that could damp down the fire so it burned slower.

          Inside the drum, about 1/3 of the way up horizontally, he welded a thick grating that held the logs and allowed the ash to fall to the bottom, while providing good ventilation for the fire.

          On the outside of the drum, he welded 2″ thick curved plates (he heated them with a torch until they were soft, then curved them with a 12 pound sledge hammer), to act as thermal mass and to ensure the drum didn’t rust or burn through.

          We put that in our huge 200 foot long Quonset barn… it’d keep most of the barn nice and warm in winter so we could work on farm implements in preparation for spring.

          The drum sat horizontally, you’d open the door, throw a log or two onto the fire, close the door, adjust the shutter to get more or less heat, and it’d burn for hours.

          That thing worked for more than 20 years without problem. It’s probably still there, but I don’t know. My parents sold the farm ~10 years after I left home.

      • youch…. sounds miserable and I’m sorry to hear you’re going thro that, especially after moving.

        You might want to consider getting a wood stove – they are far better as a heat source than a fireplace (where you get a lot of exposure to the cold air coming down the chimney).

        Wood stoves also work well for cooking or heating up water for things like doing dishes or sponge baths. I have friends in interior Maine who have a large old farmhouse (they had 10 kids!) and exclusively heated it for decades with wood stoves. One of the big black ones in kitchen to use also for cooking (takes some getting used to but can be done)… plus a number of smaller Swedish made ones throughout the house. Not exactly comfortable if you’re not used to it but at least you won’t freeze to death.

  6. It is the result of a changing climate not ‘climate change’ since that is defined as caused by human CO2.

    ‘..a world facing more unpredictable weather…’
    Surely with the settled science and all these cocksure predictions from the Warmists this should be predictable? And in the face of uncertainty is it not better to be prepared by having a grid that does not fail? I mean, how many people who buy insurance ‘expect’ to have to claim on it? Nobody. But it is there as a back up so where is the ERCOT back up plan?

  7. Yeah, it’s not melting the next day or on contact in Texas, and now it’s snowing again in parts of the state and it’s spring.

  8. Strange how this polar vortex fluctuation, “dangerously affecting” some 22½ million regional utility-subscribers –losing heat-and-power amidst Arctic temperatures for days– elicits no mention of long-term climate patterns the very opposite of AGW hysterics’ delusional “greenhouse-gas” conniptions from 1978.

    From Oregon to Texas and Louisiana, Kentucky and West Virginia, as in Continental Europe and the Orient, Winter 2021’s record lows presage a Super-Grand Solar Minimum over eight 11-year Sunspot Cycles from AD 2020 to 2108 on heels of Earth’s 140-year post-Little Ice Age rebound from 1890 – 2030. As the remedy for vulnerable coal-and-oil plus natural gas supplies, nascent nuclear-power grids from the mid-1960s through ‘80s were relentlessly defunded, dismantled, sabotaged by Green Gang coteries of Luddite-Malthusian thanatists bent on reducing human populations 95% to Save the Planet from everybody but themselves.

    Amidst cratering demographics, disintegrating home-and-family structures plus Big Government’s ruinous dependency syndrome, late-cycle Millennials born 1992 – 2016 will suffer 14th Century levels of dysfunction with no inkling that global hegemons have targeted naïve “normals” for murderous attack. Just possibly, as 2030’s cloud-mind Singularity kicks in, this cohort will arise en masse off-planet… but if not, Earth’s global civilization (sic) faces Churchill’s “new Dark Age, made more sinister, and perhaps more protracted, by the lights of perverted Science.”

  9. “Bloomberg News blames “climate change.”
    Yeah, its’s climate change alright, but it sure as hell isn’t caused by CO2. How about a sun almost devoid of sunspots?”
    Those silly people reporting the news would likely call you a conspiracy theorist Robert. Anything but to go against the official narrative. It is a worn out misused term.

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