Blizzard batters Hawke’s Bay New Zealand – Cold could break 144-year-old record

The worst still on the way.

Record-setting cold expected overnight into Sunday, particularly in the South Island.

Queenstown could break its all-time August winter low since records began in 1871.

With heavy snow (50-70 cm) blanketing many parts of the country, a “major” snow event has been declared.

People in the Taupo Plains area warned to expect long periods without power as some lines remain down.

MetService warns the worst is yet to come for the blizzard-hit Hawke’s Bay region.

A major SNOW event declared for inland Hawke’s Bay, eastern Taihape, and Kaikoura.

A ”lot more” snow is on the way, MetService says.

Some state highways are closed in the South Island and North Island.

SEVERE weather watch issued for Gisborne, Tararua.

Heavy snow warning for eastern Taihape, Hawke’s Bay, inland Canterbury and Kaikoura coast.

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  1. Cold and snow are simply natural variability. Any time it’s hot, it was caused by man’s CO2 emissions. We may have a natural cooling cycle, but after that global climate warming change will start again, sea level will rise and we will all literally burst into flames. We can stop it by giving the UN total control over our lives and deindustrializing. That is true progress. Submit. Obey. Or burn.

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