Blizzard continues in north central US

More than a foot (30 cm) of snow in several states.

Even though thousands have lost power, highways are closed across the region, and hundreds of flights have been cancelled, the MSM is downplaying it by calling it a “spring storm.”

All flights were grounded Saturday at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport as the blizzard made it difficult to keep runways clear and planes deiced. Blizzard conditions also shut down the airport in South Dakota’s biggest city, Sioux Falls, for a second straight day. Toronto Pearson International canceled or delayed more than a third of both outgoing flights and inbound planes, and Chicago’s O’Hare also saw an impact.

Southern Minnesota and parts of Nebraska could face more than a foot of snow, the National Weather Service said. The Twin citis, could get up to 20 inches of snow (51 cm) by the time the storm ends on Sunday.

Up to 18 inches (46 cm) of snow in parts of northern Wisconsin, with another 14 inches (36 cm) expected by Sunday evening.

In South Dakota, blizzard conditions made travel all but impossible for the second straight day.  Eighteen inches (46 cm) of snow in some areas.

Michigan is expecting more snow and ice through the weekend.

Parts of Nebraska could face more than a foot of snow as the blizzard barrels through the region, the National Weather Service said on its website.

The storm will bring high winds, snow and freezing rain through the central and northern Plains, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan and the Great Lakes areas as it moves east  into New York state and New England.

Meanwhile in Texas, hail the size of hen’s eggs fell south of Dallas.

9 thoughts on “Blizzard continues in north central US”

  1. chuckling and thinking of Monty Python…”tis but a flesh wound”
    we need a doofus award for the first msm droid who says “cold snap”

  2. Its like the ice apocalypse here in the gta. Ive never seen anything like it. 10 cm of compacted ice pellets which is so solid its impossible to shovel and then an inch of freezing rain on top of that. And now flooding due to a switchover to heavy rain.
    Not much relief or sign of significant warmth worthy of spring in the forecast…so sad.

  3. Although I don’t want cause massive heart attacks, it looks like another winterstorm (although not as strong) is expected across parts of the Midwest this week.

  4. All-time snowiest start of the year on record for Minneapolis,MN April 16th, 2018 –
    Over 20 inches of snow has accumulated in the Minneapolis area in this spring blizzard/snowstorm that has been impacting the northern Plains and upper Midwest–making it the all-time snowiest start to a calendar year in the Twin Cities!
    Latest WPC summary of the storm:

  5. I feel truly sorry for all Americans caught in what seems to be a never ending winter there.
    My prayers go out to you all.

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