Blizzard could dump up to 3 feet (1 m) of snow on Dublin

Thousands in Dublin already without power

‘Exceptionally high’ snowfall expected in Leinster, Munster and Galway, says Irish Times headline. “The worst snow seen for 35 years.”

Up to a metre of snow could accumulate in parts of Dublin over the coming days as blizzard like conditions sweep across the State, a Met Éireann forecaster said.

The State was put under the highest weather warning, a red alert, with the worst snow seen for 35 years forecast

Zero visibility

“The risk to life and limb presented by severe weather conditions should not be underestimated by anyone.” said Evelyn Cusack of Met Éireann

The forecast is for zero visibility, deep pockets of snow and “white-outs. It’s not safe to be outside in such conditions. No-one should be on the roads.”

Thousands in Dublin without power

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8 thoughts on “Blizzard could dump up to 3 feet (1 m) of snow on Dublin

  1. Western Europe – March did not correct the weather –
    IA “Meteonovosti”
     The average temperature of the last days of February in London was below the norm by 9.1 degrees, and the last day of winter here was the coldest in the whole winter, the minimum temperature is -5.4°C and it seems that it is worse now. But here are the results of the first March day and again the temperature is below the norm by 9.3 degrees. The whole of Great Britain is dominated by a cyclone, with its cold northern part, with large baric gradients, which makes the wind on the islands reach 20-30 m / s. Almost on all territory snow lies, in some places snow cover height is 19-22 cm. Until the end of this week the snow does not melt, as the weather is expected to be cold and very cold.

    In Germany, Poland, Austria, the Czech Republic and a number of Western European countries, the minimum temperature is below -10°C. And the situation is that with frosts, Western Europe can part only at the beginning of a new week.

    -Another snowfall in Moscow! IA “Meteonovosti”

      The last decade of February in the capital pleased with the sunny and almost snowless weather. But this winter does not end: another significant snowfall will cover the capital on Sunday, March 4.
    A small snow will begin on the evening of March 3, at night on March 4 the snow will increase, on the afternoon of Sunday the snowfall in some places will reach the stage of a strong one, a gusty wind of 15 m/s will raise a snowstorm. A little snow will continue on Monday night.
    The total increase in freshly fallen snow for the process is 8-13 cm.
    The air temperature on Saturday and Sunday will be below the norm of 5 degrees, the fallen snow will lie on the metropolitan land.

  2. The BBC are reporting that a new lowest maximum temperature record for the UK in March has been set in Wales. the figure given is -4.7C.

  3. Hopefully Irish farmers will keep their prized sheep herds indoors during this event, as it’s not the cold insomuch as the deep snow which would present a risk to the animals being able to feed if left outside.

  4. Wonder what all the warmists are thinking deep down just now, I can almost hear the stories being concocted for when the cold subsides. Of course they go overdrive to highlight all the flooding, of course when billions of tons of snow melts!

  5. The amounts of snow falling in Ireland during the current cold spell has been quite variable. Here in Belfast we have had a meagre 1 to 2 inches but 90 miles to the south, Dublin Airport has been closed for several days. Indications are that March temperatures will remain below average for the foreseeable future. It may possibly turn out to be the coldest March since 1947.

  6. The amount of snowfall that fell recently over Europe will definitely postpone spring for a couple of weeks. I doubt the computer generated forecasts take this into account as they normally predict the average weather over the long period of time. Any forecast longer than 5 days should be taken with skepticism.

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