Blizzard headed for Victoria’s Alpine region

A severe weather warning has been issued for Victoria with bitter colds, damaging winds, rain and potentially large falls of snow in the alps.

6 August 2019 – Snow in Victoria’s Alpine region could fall as low as 500m above sea level by Friday morning

“It looks as though there will be at least half a metre of snow at the main resorts by the end of the week,” forecaster Richard Carlyon said., adding it will likely lead to blizzard conditions.

Some areas of the state may even receive half their monthly rain in two days along with “blustery winds and bitterly cold temperatures”, the Bureau of Meteorology warns.–spt.html?guccounter=1&guce_referrer=aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuZ29vZ2xlLmNvbS8&guce_referrer_sig=AQAAAJ9YByB1Wh8qDaCxTL0fWDA7FCB7GRMHkIIxlRFKvd-fF9oZiOu4zus3U66Ki5Hkkz2VaZZJdN-AuvQP1uPx2rwnE9KaqWxqx1TvWo1Jw2ABRqEAuUhwFbqZ_PeuL-eBPCHkHwWQbPJO8FAsC5hTV3KxpZmQjoQl5t61j3arz48v

Snow in Victoria’s alpine region could fall as low as 500m above sea level by Friday morning–/YXBwaWQ9YXBlY21lZGlhO3NtPTE7dz04MDA7aWw9cGxhbmU-/

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3 thoughts on “Blizzard headed for Victoria’s Alpine region”


    First snow in decades, in Riverina, this article.
    Riverina is one of the growing areas for many food crops, has been hard pressed by lack of water.

    I typed into google “snow nsw today”, numbers of articles of rare snow being reported.

    Where we are in Brisbane, westerly winds off the continent, and temps falling, perfectly clear ice blue sky, going to be a cold night.

  2. storms have done a fair whack of damage around the state and in sth aus also. tonight the Bom says its 6.9c
    but feels like 1.9
    6 my a$$
    its icy bitterly cold and Im not in an elevated area at all or near the mountains(100+k away)
    just walking outside to get firewood my hands go white n numb.
    rainfall for today says just 2.4mm when its rained nearly all day in some heavy showers since 9am
    and yes they measure from 9am till 9am as a day
    rather than the propr midnight to midnight 24hr
    so temps and rainfalls are all to hell for truth in reportage.
    theyve also had snow in NSW in odd places like Orange and even into the Hunter valley. traffic issues as we dont have snow tyres OR chains except for hired ones for snow mountain holidays.

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