Blizzard isolates Lebanese troops besieging UNIFIL

Rescued – 590 tourists trapped in the snow in Jordan

Hi Robert

I sent u this mail to inform you on the conditions in Lebanon Middle east, where snow this winter reached low levels more than 5 times.

Plus, six days ago a cold front hit Lebanon what caused snow to reach coast at night (0 meters) and it was described the strongest in the past 50 years!

Here is a translated version of the article posted by a local journal.

First time this has happened since the last century, since the 1960s.

Beirut – 19 Feb 2012 – Heavy snowfall in Lebanon cut off all mountain roads above 500 meters last night, the first time this has happened since the last century, since the 1960s.

The snow also cut off all regions and forces surrounded the “UNIFIL” and the Lebanese army in the highlands of Shebaa and Kfar Shuba in the eastern sector of south Lebanon.

Meteorologists at the Department of Civil Aviation in Beirut warned of ice on the roads at night as low as 300 meters, with temperatures on the coast dropping to 7 degrees, and to below zero over the mountains, especially in Bekaa and the north.

Lebanese police said that the storm led to the collapse of a number of houses and stopped maritime traffic for some time.

A source in the “UNIFIL” that the sites of the Indian battalion in the hills of Kfar Shuba and Sheba and Hasbaya were completely isolated by snow. With all roads leading to the area cut off, helicopters of the “UNIFIL” were being used to transfer necessary food while awaiting bulldozers to re-open the roads.

Civil defense and Jordanian police yesterday managed to rescue 590 foreign tourists in the ancient city of Petra after the snow trapped their ten tourist buses were trapped in the snow south of the Kingdom, according to official Jordanian sources.

The Weather Service said the snow and rain will continue on Saturday and Sunday.

I (Robert) took the liberty of simplifying the translation. You can see the entire article here:
Thanks to Gaby Nassar for this link

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    • Yep! this warm winter we had in the United States, was just a fluke,compared to whats coming “Next Winter” the total opposite! I think it will be worse,than this winter in Europe! Watch out America! its our turn next year, and probably Europe as well again!We should start seeing cooler than normal, to much cooler than normal, for the lower 48 starting this spring and continue through next winter.”If this holds true” this could be the year without a Summer!

  1. one good thing about snow is it makes idiots wanting to fight wars have a real hard time:-)
    as germany found out last century also.

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