Blizzard Kills Thousands of Dairy Cows – Video

Heavy snowfall, gale-force winds and extreme cold hit multiple dairying regions in Idaho and Washington over the weekend, leaving nearly 2,000 dairy cows dead.

12 Feb 2019 – Dairy farmers who had been in the business their entire lives said they had never seen anything like it, said Kimmi Devaney of the Dairy Farmers of Washington.

More than 1,600 dairy cows died in the Lower Yakima Valley alone.

At Sunny Dene Ranch about eight miles south of Sunnyside, co-owner and veterinarian Bill Wavrin said he had 30 inches (75 cm) of snow, 44 mph winds and temperatures that fell to 18 below zero (-27.8C).

Imagine trying to walk through snow up to your waist!

“It was just unbelievable,” said Wavrin, who called it a 100-year event.

“We heard anecdotes from farmers ranging from losses totaling 100 cows to thousands,” said Matt Gould of Rice Dairy.

Winds gusted as high as 80 mph Saturday in the Lower Valley, creating snowdrifts several feet deep. The storm closed portions of two interstate highways and State Route 24, which provides a back way from Yakima County to the Tri-Cities

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“Once again reminding foolish, forgetful humans how horrific cold can be, vs. warm weather,” says Bill.

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  2. Similar events took place during the previous Solar minimum between solar cycles around 2010, other US large scale animal loss events have been reported on this board during the last 3 years

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