Blizzard in northern Israel shuts down Hermon ski resort

Army Radio reported over a meter of snow.

Snow fell fast and thick all over the Golan Heights and Mt. Hermon on Sunday, forcing closure of the Mount Hermon ski resort.

Snow also reached the West Bank, where Hebron and the surrounding areas experienced snowfall, which, according to Palestinian reports, caused heavy traffic jams.

Israel also broke an all-time record for electricity use on Sunday, reaching 11,100 megawatts. The Electricity Company called on Israelis to cut back on consumption after blackouts throughout the country.

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2 thoughts on “Blizzard in northern Israel shuts down Hermon ski resort”

  1. note their powers cos fell over with demand for heating…now make that a regular event if we get close to ice age or even just a minimum event…
    lots of folks will be looking for Goracle and his merry band of incompetents:-)

    • Wisdom tells, if you feel a cool breeze and don’t prepare yourself and get a coat, you could catch a cold.
      Signs are everywhere, but people do what people do…

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