Blizzard shuts down another interstate in South Dakota

I-29 was closed from the North Dakota border to Brookings at 4 p.m. Friday. That’s about 185 miles (297 km).

Quickly deteriorating conditions in the northeastern part of the state, strong winds and heavy snow, are creating zero visibility and icy roads, according to a release from the Department of Transportation.

12 thoughts on “Blizzard shuts down another interstate in South Dakota”

  1. Blizzard in the Dakotas in mid April, not unheard of though not indicative of warming. Blizzard in Nebraska and Kansas?

  2. This is why, starting this Fall, my staff and I are going to note WHERE every product we order comes from. Those in the Northern reaches? We will order sooner and in a larger volume to carry us through events like this.

    My company can NOT deal with “on time orders” that are NOT “on time”. Just think “medical supplies”. I need certain products, critical to my business, that I must have on stock. These items will all be “overstocked” from now on. A couple thousand dollars well spent.

    Fellow Climate Realists, I suggest you look at your business and do the same. Just look at the origin of your shipments, on the invoice, or give them a call. Then stock up beginning August.

    AND, be very careful where YOUR suppliers get their stock. They may ship out of a warehouse, let’s say in Orlando, Fl. BUT the products you need, and are ordering, are made in Wisconsin? Good luck there.

    Just stock up in EVERYTHING you will need for 6 months.

    Also discuss with your family, and business employees/associates, what you all will do when NOBODY can move for weeks. No cars. No public transportation. No traffic. No customers. No stores open. No government services. No repair services. Frozen water pipes…….Nothing.

    Snow will begin in September.

    • wise move;-)
      even without being snow/icebound this JIT system totuted as cost saving etc is rubbish.
      all it takes is one component for a circuit board to be delayed or a dud batch for an entire staff to be in limbo..
      my old employer was going to stand us all down for 2 weeks for such an event occurring
      i pointed out we could make all the boards and then simply ALL spend a couple of days inserting the one missing component later, when it got there.
      good thing he listened, or we would have been out of pocket and behind on a contract

  3. HISTORIC BLIZZARD ONGOING April 14th, 2018 –
    Expect heavy snow, strong winds, and scattered thunderstorms today and tonight. The snow will begin to lighten up late tonight, but light snow will continue through Sunday. Storm total accumulations will exceed a foot from southwest Minnesota into western Wisconsin, with some locations possibly nearing 20 inches.

  4. That snowstorm in Minnesota isn’t over, still heavy snow, on a technicality, I see how they are saying it isn’t as much snow as 1983, they really want to maintain that snowfall record, because they say it’s for 24 hours. This is a multiday event, and must be some sort of record in itself. They’re still going to get a lot of snow today, and if they used a different 24 hours during the storm, this storm probably would be the record.

  5. They keep wanting to declare the storm over, it’s still churning there, just like they want to say each California Sierra snow is the last of the season, so they can continue with the drought. Already, they have the most April snow in Minneapolis since records began, and there’s another snowstorm next midweek.

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